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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written March 22, 2008 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

McCain Conflates Shiite Iran And Sunni Al Qaeda, Needs To Be Corrected By Lieberman [Mar 18] Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has spent a majority of his presidential campaign trying to convince voters that he is the most qualified to tackle foreign policy issues. Of course, McCain's supposed prescient understanding of foreign policy has been proven faulty over and over. Today, as the Washington Post's Cameron Barr and Michael Shear report, McCain further undermined his claim to be the best qualified on matters of foreign policy, when he repeated a mistaken claim that Iran was training al Qaeda fighters. He made the same assertion on right-wing Hugh Hewitt's radio show last night [March 17]. The "common knowledge" McCain cites is simply false. Far from working together, Iran and al Qaeda represent opposing sides in the Iraq civil war. Al Qaeda is a Sunni Muslim extremist group, while Iran is ruled by Shiites, where they make up 90 percent of the population. McCain, the so-called foreign policy expert, is confusing reports that Iran was aiding Shiite insurgents in Iraq - one of the groups that virulently opposes al Qaeda. [and from another] Green Zone Follies [Feb 25] Here is just a personal vignette of an experience I and my psychologist buddy had with the Republican probable nominee, Senator McCain. There was the Senator all by himself, sitting on a folding chair by a card table. Then his lips moved but he said nothing. He looked up and smiled. (My wife's grandfather did just that.) And the Senator may have been sitting right near us but believe me, he was somewhere else. Then he began a conversation with someone who wasn't there. We started to go back the way we came when some civilian came in. "It's time to go to the meeting, John," but McCain just smiled and kept on talking to the table. The civilian said, "All right, gentlemen, time to go. The Senator is very tired and has jet lag." And when we left, the Senator was talking complete nonsense. Later, one of the staff personnel told both of us that the Senator had "a little accident" and he had to change his pants. My friend, who is a pro, said he was very obviously suffering from pre-Alzheimer's and believe me, although I am not trained, this one was a pure space case. They must know this.

John McCain has been protected from exposure during this campaign. The early dropout of most of the Republican candidates has allowed him to escape the hard campaigning knocks that Clinton and Obama are throwing at each other. The earlier debates are notable as a chance for each candidate to air a view, not truly debate. He has not had to answer charges as Obama has, nor had to evade them actively as Clinton has had to do. Media clips are of McCain making a statement, at most. As those close to the campaign of McCain are aware of his mental lapses, they will try to protect him from exposure by limiting debates with Obama going into the general election. They will try to assuage any concerns Republicans have about McCain's obvious senility with a strong vice president on the ticket.

Senility is most obvious when a sufferer is in new or strange places, not grounded. When on familiar ground, the sufferer has many mental pathways to rely upon. Thus when in his home state of Arizona, or in the Senate, or talking about issues familiar to his senate role, he seems solid. But when away from home in the Middle East, he has been befuddled and caught at this. In that the general election will bring up subjects he is not versed in, like the economy, and force him to at least a few debates with Obama, there is a strong likelihood of more slips where his early senility will express itself.

Obama Campaign Demands Probe into State Department Passport Records Breach [Mar 20] Two contract employees of the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs have been fired, and a third has been disciplined after it was discovered that they accessed Sen. Barack Obama's passport records without a specific need to do so ... occurring on January 9, February 21, and March 14 of this year. [and from another] Maura Harty: State Department Official In Charge During Two Of The Breaches An Ambassador Under Clinton [Mar 21] MSNBC noted a Clinton connection to the story. The network reported that Maura Harty, the State Department official in charge of the Bureau Of Consular Affairs during the first two breaches of Obama's passport, had served as an ambassador under Bill Clinton. Harty was a consular affairs chief until the end of last month when she retired from foreign service work. Before her stint as the assistant secretary of state of consular affairs, Hardy was an ambassador to Paraguay under President Bill Clinton.

Maura Harty, the former Bill Clinton ambassador to Paraguay, was leaving anyway. If her suppression of the first two breaches into Obama's file had been discovered, she would have been excused a few weeks early. What did she have to gain? Another Clinton appointment! If one examines her bio, it is clear that her ambassadorship was the highlight of her career. For anyone doubting that the Clinton campaign was behind this breach, examine the facts. Once this Clintonite, Harty, was no longer the supervisor, the next breach was properly reported. Three individuals, not connected to each other, were "curious" enough to take a risk. Each had been assured they would be financially compensated, and if they stuck to their story about being "curious" they could not be prosecuted. They were all promised a healthy financial payment for any information they gleaned. Harty covered herself by terminating these contractors, and for some slight that would not get them into trouble. Thus they all thought they had the crime covered.

But after Harty's scheduled exit as supervisor, the Clinton campaign still did not have enough information and pressed yet another contractor. This time, without a Clintonite at the helm, the whistle was blown and Obama was informed of the breach. Will there be a prosecution? Not unless one of the co-conspirators confesses, which is unlikely. What was the Clinton campaign looking for? A passport file contains personal information on place of birth and social security number, none of which is that difficult to come by. It also contains the stated reason for any foreign travel, and this is what the campaign leaders were looking for. Obama traveled extensively to Africa, the Middle East, and Russian satellite countries. Did Obama intend to contact any organization with terrorist ties? The Clinton campaign certainly hoped so. Hillary is losing and is desperate to start a smear campaign against Obama, but this episode will prove to be disastrous for Hillary.

Now that Eliot Spitzer has been "contained", will someone else within the legal system continue his investigations of Wall Street, the sub-prime debacle, etc. leading to arrests in corruption cases? Will the new governor of NY be as aggressive in crime and corruption fighting?

Spitzer was taking delight in playing cat and mouse with those on Wall Street he pursued, being ruthless even when the target was basically innocent. Spitzer was tough, yes. Fair, no. As governor, Sptizer was not the prosecutor in any case. Someone else has been in charge of investigating Wall Street for some time.

Cheney seems to be stuck on the old script regarding Iran. Does he honestly think people take him seriously when he raves about the "Iranian threat" these days? Has he not noticed the change in demeanor of the Bush3 clone on this matter?

Put yourself in Cheney's shoes. He is dying of heart disease. He could go for a heart transplant but fears not surviving the surgery or being killed while on the table. Both are very real possibilities. He is trying to go out with a bang, achieving as much control and dominance over the world as he possibly can in order to pad his resume going into the next world, which will surely be one of the prison planets. Thus he continues to beat this drum, which he hopes will put the US in control of all the oil fields in the Middle East, and keeps trying to incite martial law in the US so he can remain in power. Has he noticed the Bush clone switch? Frankly not, as he and the Bush persona, regardless of which clone it was, have never been close!

Will we soon observe any regular, patterned disruptions to earth like the periodic sweeping arms of the sun that used to magnetically jolt the entire earth? The regularity of such events was beginning to cause many to wonder.

As we have explained the Earth is currently in lockdown with Planet X, which is coming at the Earth like a crab with pincers on either side. The Earth is more crowded in this pinch than formerly, with Venus and the Dark Twin both in the pinch, so a ricochet is not occurring because movement is not possible. In the past, it was this ricochet, bouncing around in the pinch, which caused the sweep dynamics. Instead, we have a tightly held Earth being jolted back and forth in a violent wobble. This has manifested weather wobbles, severe weather changes with tornadoes and hurricane force winds out of season and occurring in places not expecting them and occurring more frequently. The Earth plates are under more stress, and earthquakes are on the increase as are stretch disasters.

The Puppet Master appears to be supporting the US financial system directly now with loans to banks that have negative reserves and improperly valued collateral. I assume that he deems this obviously a better option than letting our economy emplode as it allows for a more orderly transition to a state of at least partial preparation for Planet X. Has the House of Rothschild been allowed or even encouraged to rise and flourish over the centuries for just such an eventuality? The need to confront and control national tyrants as they rise up and threaten stability or the need to maintain stability in a Planet X caused societal collapse?

We have explained that the Earth at present is a schoolhouse for young souls to sort out their spiritual orientation - Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self. As such, those who are adept at Service-to-Self practices do rise to the top of corporations or countries and acquire wealth. It should be noted that the Bush administration is the one stepping in and rescuing hedge funds such as Bear Stearns, not the Puppet Master. The Bush administration's alliances are with Wall Street. To the extent that banks would be forced into failure, the Puppet Master cares, but these matters are primarily resolved by having stronger banks acquire the weaker ones. No rescue by the Puppet Master has in fact occurred, as yet! This is the Bush administration, trying to rescue "their base".

During the shift, will human-kind experience an awakening? Will we shift into another dimension?

Several things are going on simultaneously. The Earth is scheduled for a Transformation, which entails only allowing those souls who are highly Service-to-Other to reincarnate on Earth while removing those souls who are highly Service-to-Self to prison planets and taking those souls who are undecided in their spiritual orientation to another world to continue their deliberations. This new planet is a water planet, and their next incarnation will be into a type of octopus. The Transformation is happening now, and will continue apace for about the next 100 years. Simultaneously the Earth is experiencing an Awakening to the alien presence. Mass sightings are increasing, more contactees are reaching out for contact with the aliens, and during the chaos of the pole shift conscious contact with benign aliens will occur to some extent. A switch to the next density, 4th density, will not occur until the inhabitants of Earth are almost 100% Service-to-Other, which requires many humans who will survive the pole shift to live out their lives and then leave the Earth for either a prison planet or their next home, the water planet.

A lot of people have been talking about HAARP and seem to blame everything on it. The major flooding in the Midwest, they blame HAARP. The 7.2 earthquake in China, they blame HAARP. I'm sick of everyone blaming HAARP for these natural disasters caused by Planet X's arrival, can you please put HAARP to rest? Didn't you already say that HAARP failed years ago?

HAARP is a legitimate program that measured the Earth's magnetic field and is primarily located near the magnetic N Pole of Earth in Alaska. There is disinformation about a program under the same name that supposedly can control weather or create earthquakes, manmade disasters. For instance, Hurricane Katrina was supposedly caused by man, not by nature. These theories are patently untrue. Man does not have this control, as we have stated early in the ZetaTalk saga.

The last week,myself, and many others have felt very different. At times it almost feels like my head is a pressure cooker, eyes feel weird, agitated and nervous at times for no reason. A lot of us feel like we have come to the point where we are sick of all the BS in this world and can't wait any longer for things to change. At times it just feels like all the energy is sucked from you. Many reports of ears ringing, ringing a lot actually. It is hard to explain but there is a strong feeling that something is happening, can you please comment on the feelings we are having? It is very hard to describe but I can't help but feel we are on the verge of some major changes.

Physical symptoms due to the presence of Planet X have been reported since this rogue planet arrived in the inner solar system in 2003. Some of these symptoms are due to the swirling core of the Earth, which is roiling because of the interloper. The White Buffalo of legend and the increase in albinism among animals lately is not an accident. It is an emanation from the core that causes this albinism, as we have explained. Cave creatures do not have coloration, because none is needed. The signal is an emanation from the rock, and this emanation has increased to affect surface creatures. We have stated that illness in general will increase due to the core roiling, and it has. Another illness is caused by the tail of Planet X, which wafted the Earth in 2003 when it first arrived in the solar system, and will increasingly be wafting the Earth as we approach the pole shift. There are petrochemicals in this tail, creating the light towers that emerged and were caught on videotape in Iraq and on film in Germany, and Canada. More than a year ago many were noting, and posting on message boards, a ringing in the ears, a dizziness and nausea, with women reporting disrupted periods. Then there are those who are earthquake sensitives, and sense when the rock is under stress beneath them. We can only say that all these symptoms are temporary, and most will be relieved when the pole shift happens and the interloper rushes out of the solar system.

I have been watching the sunset and the Moon's location casually the last couple months and have noticed recently the sun setting way to far toward the northeast. Also it seems the Moon has been out of whack. I'm no astronomer but took an astronomy class in college, so I have a basic understanding. My question is, has the Sun recently begun setting much farther North? And has the Moon's orbit been heavily affected recently?

One will notice the Earth's wobble depending upon where one is on the Earth's surface. The Moon has had an extreme tilt since early 2004, as it has been trying to evade the heavy traffic lane of particle flows around the Earth's equator. Only at the full and new moon points will the Moon be close to where expected. The wobble will continue to get more extreme, and violent, as we approach the last weeks.

I saw Dick Cheney in Iraq giving his speech, he looks near death. Very near death. Is he one stroke away from death?

It is no secret that the Cheney heart is in failure, and another heart attack would kill him. He will in any case die from heart failure unless he gets a transplant, which he will not allow himself to do.

So the pole shift won't happen during this current trimester? Not enough happening so I assume the next candidate would be the August trimester for a possible pole shift?

We have given enough description on the last weeks - the sequence and timing - to allow mankind to gauge the timing of the pole shift when the last weeks commence. Nancy has computed the whole sequence to be approximately 7 weeks, and this is accurate enough. That we have previously stated that the Planet X complex would be seen in the skies, undeniably, 7 weeks before the shift is another clue that this guess is not far off. We have stated that the pole shift would happen at the end of a magnetic trimester, at the end of an April, an August, or a December, approximately. Thus, for this particular trimester, it would be accurate to say that the pole shift will not happen at the end of this April. Correct.

I've read in the aftertimes that the Pacific NW would be good as there would be fish for food. I was wondering if the Olympic forest was safe enough to ride things out as there are 6-8000ft peaks and freshwater and does not seem volcanically connected to the Rainier / St. Helens range. Also will there be any warnings before a big one hits here?

As we have explained, we are not allowed to warn mankind about the exact timing or location of earthquakes or other natural disasters. General guidelines are OK. Specifics are not OK. We are obliged to operate in compliance with these rules. Your description of the safety factors - high peaks and fresh water sources and the lack of active volcanoes - is a good start. Consider evidence of recent mountain building, as this would indicate instability in the area. Remember that we have stated that all volcanoes active within the last 10,000 years are likely to become active again during this pole shift. Also, consider the direction of the winds, after the pole shift, and ensure that your fresh water will not be under volcanic dust.

There are various books about the highly sensitive people. For what I read their nervous system is more sensitive then others. Only these books don't speak about aliens and so. And that those people always existed. That they where the advisors to the kings and so. I also read that this is also common in the animal kingdom, senstive animals and so . I wonder if the Zetas could say something more about this issue, and if this has to do with the genetic engineering that was done and so?

A naturally nervous nature, being high strung, does not indicate contactee status. Animal species differ in this regard, depending upon whether being nervous and high strung increased the species' chances of survival. Within a species, this is likewise true. Such characteristics are bred into or out of a species by natural selection. Being nervous can allow a creature to escape danger and hover over its young, thus enhancing survival. Or it may merely torture the creature so it cannot seek food or a mate, decreasing those genes among survivors.

If the Zetas wish to answer, what kind of weather (climate, geology, astronomy) can we expect this spring and going into summer?

We have predicted that the weather will get more extreme on all fronts. Temperature swings, extreme enough that it will seem that the seasons are blending into one another. Drought and deluge swings, which will switch about unexpectedly. Absolute unpredictability, so the weathermen throw their hands up. You can also expect an increased wobble, the stars not where expected and the Sun and Moon seemingly out of position. Earthquakes will increase in severity and frequency, but in particular the stretch zones will be active, silently adjusting and creating chaos in mankind's infrastructure.

Why do the Zeta's waste their time with political questions or talking about politics? They themselves state that politics is in the hands of man, and they have no control over it whatsover. I distinctly remember when Obama was running that the Zetas said that he could not possible win. He wasn't one of the caditates that the PTB was fronting, so the Zetas said he would not survive. They also stated that Hillary would have skeletons in the closet that would prohibit her from becoming a viable candidate. Obama and Hillary are both very viable. It is very obvious that either one of them will most likely be president of this country. The Zetas should not comment on any politics since this is indeed in the "hands of man". Just about every topic the Zetas discus is in the hands of man, so they should not comment whatsoever. The year 2003 was in the hands of man, as is the present year upon us.

Our statement was that the Democratic party would not want to risk running with a black man or a woman as a first time event, as they desperately wanted to win the White House. This may still be the feeling but they hardly have a choice as the people's vote has pushed this choice upon them. Hillary does have skeletons in her closet, and some of these have emerged, such as her advocacy of NAFTA. She is only beginning to be caught in lies. The reason we comment upon US politics is because

  1. humans ask these questions, as you have here, and
  2. control of the White House is important as the US is the most powerful country in the world due to the size of its military.

What really happened in Columbia-Ecuador-Venezuela regarding the FARC massacre and the Laptop with "proof" Venezuela aided the FARCs?

Venezuela, as a country, is not officially aiding the FARCs, but individual citizens cannot be controlled completely. It is common practice for rebels to run across a border in order to evade capture, and this is nothing new. In that the Bush administration has been trying to achieve a coup in Venezuela, to remove Chavez from power, and has failed in these attempts, they have been trying to get a neighboring country to create turmoil in Venezuela. Thus, many of these accusations are false, laid out by the CIA or their ilk. Chavez is no fool, and is countering these attempts effectively, thus "proof" disappears.

Some time ago, when asked about FBI agent John O'Neil and his death at the World Trade Center, the Zetas said he was set up. This article discusses the NYPD's counter-terrorism unit and how the FBI has frozen them out of critical information, much as they did with O'Neil. Is this the same internal FBI group that set up O'Neil and are they aligned with the Bushes and in the know about Planet X?

The FBI wishes to protect itself. It has many dark secrets to hide. Consider that for 40 years Hoover was at the helm and was a flamboyant gay man, dancing about in a pink dress on occasion. Yet publicly he prosecuted the gays. There were of course insiders in the FBI who allowed 911 to happen, just as there were insiders in the military and other federal agencies. None of them has been removed! They operated with impunity because those around them or above them were of the same mind-set. They were assisted from within the NYC government by those knowledgeable and looking the other way, for instance. This was a fairly vast operation. This was also true of the JFK assassination, the Martin Luther King assassination, and the Iran Contra operation. Those in the know keep their mouths shut or are killed, and those who suspect are terrified of asking questions.

There has been talk in our local military circles that there will be a call-up in September or for sure October. With everything going badly for the top administration, are they planning a new Iran assault now that Fallon has been moved out of the way? What types of "October surprise" should we prepare for? Isn't it prudent to bring possible plans into the open many months in advance so the risk of knee jerk election reactions can be minimized?

Of course the Bush administration is expected to get more desperate as their time in office shortens. They have already tried, numerous times, to invoke martial law and to start a conflagration with Iran. They realize they are boxed in, blocked on many fronts, but continue to hold out hope. What is known is that the contingent blocking them has held and is effective. Fallon felt comfortable enough with his backups to resign, for instance. Another source of comfort is that the third Bush clone is now in the Oval Office, and is not inclined to start a war with Iran as the prior two clones were. Yet another source of comfort should be that voter fraud has been prevented during the 2006 elections. And since the New Hampshire primary, which Hillary stole, voter fraud has been prevented during the primary season also. The good guys are winning! Take heart!

On a scale of 1-10, from the level that the earth changes are today, how much "worse" will it get in 2008?

If you consider that you are perhaps between a 2 and a 3, it could be considered to rise to a 6 by the end of the year. 10 being the pole shift, of course. This is taking into consideration all Earth changes, such as weather, winds, floods, earthquakes and stretch zone accidents, and political and economic upheaval.

Can the Zs comment on the fact that the "big one" in California will occur before the 7 week period of seeing Planet X and the pole shift occuring?

California will have several big ones. The San Andreas Fault line runs along its coastline, and many fault lines run inland from the major fault. We have stated that an adjustment will occur from the San Diego area up toward Yellowstone and that this will happen well before the shift. We cannot be more specific than this and stay within the rules we are obliged to honor!

The Sun's output is higher in microwave output on us right now. Can you comment on how much more radiation is comming through and will this be continuing to go up?

In 2003 when Planet X arrived into the inner solar system, it was noted that sunlight had increased in intensity. This was due to the tail elements being spread about between the Earth and Sun, causing reflected sunlight to bounce back toward Earth. Crops matured weeks earlier than expected, and people commented that they became sunburned more readily. As this situation has continued since 2003, it has become "normal" for this brightness to be present, and discussion of the "white Sun" has diminished. The tail has now returned, but a smeary oil has also arrived, also caused by the tail. This creates atmospheric oddities, such as halos around the Moon. An ultrabright Sun will not be the issue as the pole shift approaches, as much as increasing debris arriving on Earth - fireballs, meteors, hail and red dust. Volcanic gloom will at some point also increase and add gloom, not brightness, to the skies.

Another Mississippi River bridge is suddenly showing signs of strain. Will there be more dramatic bridge disruptions along this river? [and from another] As recently as January, an engineering review found no deficiencies in the bridge. It was previously inspected in September 2003, August 2004, and twice in August 2007, according to MnDOT. [and from another] Officials Close Steel Bridge in Minnesota After Bent Plates Are Found [Mar 22] A 51-year-old steel truss bridge over the Mississippi River in St. Cloud, Minn., was abruptly shut down on Thursday after inspectors found that its gusset places were bending - a problem similar to the one believed to have critically weakened the Interstate 35W bridge that collapsed in Minneapolis in August. Inspectors examining the bridge that carries Highway 23 in St. Cloud found a problem similar to the one on a collapsed bridge. [and from another] Via Email 3/22: Another large bridge was closed yesterday in Minnesota. This one also crosses the Mississippi, and is located in St Cloud. This bridge follows that geographical fracture line 'split' through the state, which is mostly solid granite. I am somewhat directly between the two areas of concern, located at K-17 on the map. The rotten egg/sulfur smell is back, and I'm picking up a high pitched frequency in my teeth, akin to a sonic dental tool. This frequency is different than the one I could feel before the 35W collapse, I could feel that through my whole body, this one I feel in my mouth and sinus cavity.

This is clear evidence of continuing adjustments affecting Minnesota. It is the diagonal pull on the N American continent which is causing this stretch adjustment, which is silent but just as deadly as an earthquake. The infrastructure is pulling apart! We stated that bridges on the Mississippi would be devastated when the New Madrid Fault adjusted, and that such adjustments would occur in steps, not just a single large quake. Here's more proof of the accuracy of our predictions!

The gamma rays that are reaching Earth next Wednesday, will bring a problem?

We have stated that the Sun's seeming increased activity is nothing more than ruffles on its surface, due to the presence of Planet X which disturbs particle flows in and out of the Sun. Thus, you can anticipate that any emanation from the Sun will not exceed prior emanations from the Sun. The establishment may on occasion try to use the Sun as an excuse, claiming it is responsible for some problem the Earth is struggling with, rather than be up front about the presence of Planet X. This is certainly likely to be the case if satellites start having extreme problems, or electromagnetic surges or brownouts occur on Earth as they did during late summer of 2003. This is not the Sun causing this, but the presence of Planet X and its charged tail.

Since Bush 2 is gone, and Bush 3 in place, will we see the cover-up beginning to break quickly or at least beginning? From the Zetatalk: Market Freefall June 19, 2004, ../index/zeta116.htm

Replacing clone Bush 2 with Bush 3 was done primarily to ensure that a war with Iran would not be pushed. The clone now in the White House should basically be considered a sleeper cell, to block the worst that the other clone would have approved of and expedited if given a chance. Bush 3 will act much like the other clones, so as not to incite suspicion. The market is not under his control, as matters are far worse than publicly presented. We have addressed the steps we anticipate for this to be controlled, such as price controls and reduction in bank services and the like. A breakup of the Planet X cover-up is also something he may be able to effect, but if he shows too much enthusiasm for this, he will be countered by his own people! His role is not an easy one, for this reason. He can take action, but once this is done, his cover is blown!