Atlantic Rift Grab
Global Quakes at Tug Point Intervals!

The Zetas have stated that rotation stoppage occurs because the Atlantic Rift has iron heavy hardened magma that is clustered, whereas elsewhere in the globe it is more diffuse. This makes the Atlantic Rift, where the Americas are pulled away from Europe and Africa at each pole shift, a magnet of sorts. Where Global Quakes started in March, 2003 and were noted every few weeks after that, they have recently increased in frequency, occurring every few days.

Starting May 25 2003 a pattern emerged. On May 26 2003 Global Quakes at Dawn and at Dusk with a Massive Number of quakes. On May 27 2003 as it Faced Planet X. On May 28 2003 the Global Quake at the Face Point became stronger. On May 29 2003 a Surging Magma pattern showed Global Surges at both poles. On May 30 2003, a Deadly Calm for all but Antartica presented. On the end of May 31 2003 Antartica was now Gripped and calm. On June 1 2003, the Rise to Ecliptic can be seen and a return to Tugging. On June 2 2003 a Switching Surge pattern was evident and the Zetas Explain. By the end of June 3 2003 Global Quakes resumed. By the end of June 4 2003 Global Quakes at key Planet X Placement points were obvious. By the end of June 5 2003 surging had dimished but a parallel to the Scripted Drama could be seen.

By early June 6 2003 the quiescent S Pole region contrasts with N Hemisphere surging. By late June 6 2003 a Quiescent N Pole region is also in place, and by early June 7 2003 a massive Dark Side Global Quake occurs. On June 8 2003 a new Siberian Isl wobble appeared, a 3rd Magnet. On June 9 2003 another Dark Side global quake occurred. On June 10 2003 a Pre-Face Global Quake occurred and by June 11 2003 a S. Pole Tug was evident in the Polar Charts. The USGS Explains. On June 12 2003 Global Quakes present a Face Tug. On June 13 2003 another Face Tug! On June 14 2003 a Pre-Stop Pattern emerges. On June 15 2003, a strong Global Quake at the Dusk Tug. On June 16 2003, a strong Global Quake at the Dark Side and a pattern of Stress Points. On June 17-19 2003 these stress points resulted in Stress Quakes.

On June 20 2003 Global Quakes had returned with a vengence at the Face Grip. On June 21-22 2003 new Stress Points emerged, and the Stage Set. On June 23 2003 a Live Seismo Dupe was put in place. On June 23 2003 a massive Face Shake occurred. On June 24 2003

were evident, and later, the Stretch Zone adjusted. On June 25 2003 Stress Points emerged, and on June 26 2003 a Face Tug matched these points. On June 27-28 2003 Stress Points emerged, resulting in a rolling Face Tug. On June 29-30 2003 a Dark/Face adjustment occurred, the developing pattern for days. On July 1 2003 a Daily4Roll emerged. On July 2 2003 Stress Points during a continuing Daily4Roll were evident. On July 3 2003 the Daily4Roll continued. The USGS Explains, again. By July 4 2003 the Stress Points and quakes approached a Steady State.

By July 5 2003 a firm Seismo Dupe was put into place, Dumbing Down the Richters, shedding light on the odd Dead Calm Pattern noted throughout this Global Quakes documentation. Obvious Under Reporting continues. Despite this, on July 15, large back-to-back Global Quakes reappeared, with an odd Global Wobble afterwards. On July 21 another notable multiple Global Quake day with Worldwide quakes, the day after a notable Crop Circle appeared. On July 25 2003 a Daily4Roll reappeared, quakes increasing, but the Wet Blanket to hide the increase applied on July 26 2003. In spite of this Richter suppression, on July 27 2003 a Continuous Roll was evident. Volcano eruptions followed. By July 29 2003 live seismos were virtually Turned Off, as a comparison to previous shows. Rotational Surging was noted the last week of July by the Slowing Team.

On Aug 4 2003 a Global Quake affecting the Antartic Plate took all but Houston by surprise, with a Global Wobble for 24 hours after. On Aug 11-12 2003 a series of Global Quakes adjusted the Eurasian Plate, followed by another Global Wobble on Aug 13 2003. The Eurasian Plate abuts the North American Plate, next to adjust at the St Lawrence Seaway on Aug 14 2003. By Aug 15 Rotational Surging was confirmed. On Aug 16 the Eurasian Plate adjustment was under reported. On Aug 21 the Australian Plate adjusted. Per the graphic below, whole or cross plate adjustments have become the norm. On Aug 29 2003 a Yellowstone Pileup pattern was noted. On Sep 2 2003 a major China quake was omitted entirely by EMSC, symptom of a virtual quake blackout. On Sep 5 2003 a continuous Yellowstone Jitter was noted, and by Sep 7 2003, a Caldera Stress. On Sep 9 2003, continuing Quake Omissions from EMSC. On Sep 15 2003 Yellowstone Jitter again with a New Madrid echo.

On Sep 21 2003 a trio of Global Quakes wrapped Around the Globe, starting just ahead of the planned Galileo death. On Sep 26 2003 the first Massive Global occurred, accompanied by a Japan 8.3, following a snap along the Mid-Pacific Snap. On Sep 27 2003 a Siberian 8.5, considered a Mag 10 due to scope, and Global Quakes Nonstop afterwards. On Oct 1 2003 another Siberian 8.5. By Oct 8 2003, Daily Globals showing turned into Face/Dark stress on the poles. Oct 19 2003 showed the Face/Dark stress continuing, as did Oct 31 2003 Face/Dark analysis. On Nov 6 2003 Lateral Stress across the Pacific was noted. On Nov 17 2003, a Poland quake ignored, and the 7.9 Cap obvious. On Nov 23 2003 a Houston Connection was noted, joined on Nov 25 2003 by a Brazil Connection. On Dec 10 2003 the Face/Dark pattern had returned, and on Dec 13 2003 the Houston/Brazil connection was also lingering.

On Dec 25 2003, the next anticipated Sweeping Arm of the Sun date, a Heavy Hitter pattern ensued Worldwide. On Jan 8 2004 a comparison of USGS vs Local reporting demonstrated the cover-up, worrisome as Yellowstone was restless. Throughout Jan, 2004, Global Quakes occurred at the Dark and Face points, and a 12 Hour Stress on the plates followed suit. On Feb 6-7 2004, the anticipated Sweeping Arm of the Sun came early, with Dark Side quakes. On Feb 8 2004, a sharp Face Side quake occurred. On Feb 19 2004, live seismos went down for 5 days, the activity on Feb 24 showing why! On Mar 10 2004, the next Sweeping Arm with the Earth orbit halted shows a pattern of Face/Dark and 12 Hour Wobble continuing. On Mar 26 2004 the next Sweep occurred with a S American crunch due to a Spreading Atlantic and the 12 Hour Wobble accelerating in the Pacific.

On Apr 6 2004 a Dark Side quake occurred out of sequence, with increased Tilting, a new pattern emerging. On Apr 11-14 2004 a One-Two with an Apr 16 2004 Three following, the Whiplash described by the Zetas. On Apr 22 2004 the One again occurred, and on Apr 24-25 2004 the Two and Apr 28-29 2004 the Three of the whiplash. On May 3 2004 the One again occurred, the Two and the Three on schedule. On May 11 2004 the One, Two, and Three came days early, apparently the planets pushed into reverse orbit. On May 19 2004 the One, Two, and Three came still closer together. On May 28 2004 the One, Two, and Three pattern changed again. On June 6 2004 quakes in the news are Not on USGS for days. On June 20-25 2004 stress points on the crust were notable in Venezuela, Equador, Kamchatka, Kenya, Tibet, and Houston.On Jun 28 2004, the One and Two resulted in Alaska and Central America quakes and Yellowstone jitters. On July 8 2004, the One was preceeded by 12 Hour wobbles, the Two again close behind, and the Three by Worldwide quakes and followed by a 12 Hour Wobble. On July 15 2004, the One was accompanied by Worldwide quakes, the Two and Three close behind with Vancouver quakes, and a Four occurring this time. On July 22 2004 the One and Two included 12 Hour wobbles and Asian quakes. Please check the Sweeps section for further updates.