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ZetaTalk: Simulating the Seasons
written May 26, 2006

The Big Dipper appears appropriate for May 25, 2006 at midnight. The only way to get the Big Dipper to appear as it did during the Oct 15 position, would be to assume a 5:00 pm time, then it lines up exactly as it did on midnight May 25. I also noted that the Sunset was in the extreme NW a couple days ago, estimated 20 too far to the North, and the message boards have been alive with similar observations for Sunrise, up to 30 too far North. We're supposed to be pushed back into the Fall position, in our orbit, a complexity of factors at play. Photos from Japan also show the Sun not moving steadily across the skyarc during the day, but faster at certain points. Then there's the issue of the Earth's magnetic field moving about, recently reported to be pushed further to the West from where it was days ago. This is such a confusing picture. What's going on? [and from another] Usually in May the Sun goes 15 degrees per hour. I photographed the Sun shadow during the day, and this is no longer the case. The Sun is at its zenith at 11:53 am here in Japan at Nara. I started the photo sessions at 9:53 am. From 10-11 it moved 30, from 11-12 it moved 45, from 12-1 it moved 50, from 1-2 it moved 20, from 2-3 only 10, from 3-4:30 only 8. Please ask the Zetas what this means!

Beyond the issue of why the constellations appeared normal to Nancy for May 25, 2006, when she assumed the Earth to be somewhere in the Fall position, there is also the issue of the Sun rising and setting too far to the North by many degrees, an estimated 20-30 degrees, as noted by Nancy and a number of other individuals posting on message boards and sending her frantic email. Nancy is trying to correlate these facts with our statements on the Earth orbit and tilt.

  1. We have stated that Earth will be pushed back in her orbit to the point of August, prior to passage, and is held in the cup. The mobility for Earth while in the cup is up and down and side to side, but not for a very large distance.
  2. We mentioned earlier that pushing the globe down below the Ecliptic is another way of maintaining the appearance of normalcy, as a lower posture vs a vs the Sun floods the Northern Hemisphere with sunlight, and puts the Southern Hemisphere into darker days for their Winter. Likewise bobbing the Earth up vs a vs the Sun, in the Ecliptic, allows the reverse.
  3. We have explained that the constellations are overhead all the time, just not visible because of light pollution. In a globe out of position, constellations overhead in the dome appear only slightly out of position, but constellations on the horizon will switch, E/W, so this horizon view is a sure clue that the globe is out of position.
  4. We have explained that a lean to the left would start to occur as the N Pole of Planet X swung round from the right, as the N Pole of Earth would attempt to evade this, leaning left. This would, as we stated, create a sunarc in the sky that would look increasingly aberrant. Planet X now appears to the right when looking toward the Sun, because the Earth is attempting to escape to the left, beginning to lean her N Pole away from the N Pole of Planet X which is emerging from the right hand side.

Do any of these statements apply to the current situation? The Council of Worlds has required an Element of Doubt be in place, not only about the alien presence but about the approaching pole shift, for many reasons. For the alien presence, a gradual realization on the subconscious level that man is not alone, and intelligent life from elsewhere is visiting, reduces the likelihood of contactees being attacked, burned at the stake by the threatened religious elite or governments. Thus, visitations are recorded in the subconscious, and the Element of Doubt is inserted when photos or video capture occurs. The Element of Doubt on the pole shift is to prevent panic in the establishment, premature imposition of Martial Law, which would surely occur as the establishment has no plan of action other than to save their sorry skins, leaving the common man to his own resources. Thus, the stalled orbit of Earth is hidden in Apparent Precision while benign aliens, ourselves and others, tip the globe to simulate the seasons. We are also manipulating the globe to simulate constellation normalcy. This may seem a fantastic and impossible maneuver, but we will explain.

In arranging to create the Element of Doubt as to the stalled orbit, we sometimes have to make choices. In that the rising and setting Sun would not be noticed by as many, given the workday world rushing to work and eating supper during those times, and given that the point where the Sun rises and sets could be argued, not likely to be measured by busy people on the go, this was deemed a lesser problem. If a constellation, well known, simply disappears from the sky, this not only stirs amateurs on the hunt for them in the night sky but the common man wanting to point these out for their children, stirring many questions. So how has the Earth been arranged, vs a vs the Sun, to allow a more appropriate constellation view? The Big Dipper, as it appeared to Nancy, was inappropriate for the Fall position, her estimated Oct 15 position. The Fall position at midnight would have placed it some 1/6 of the way further round the horizon toward the North, and in a different point in its nightly rotation, the view from the Earth as the globe turns under the starry night, being approximately 25% further along in its rotation. Thus, the May 25 and Oct 15 views are not all that different, and a slight adjustment in the position of the globe to a 5:00 pm position puts the Big Dipper in the same place as on May 25 at midnight.

Where the manipulation we are required to do differs as the seasons progress, to simulate a May 25 date when the globe is in the Oct 15 position, the following occurred. We tipped the N Pole of Earth slightly toward the Sun, to bring more hours of daylight, as the Fall position is not yet at the Equinox of Sept 21, but the Spring position is well past the Equinox of March 21. This tipping puts the globe on a slight diagonal, which means the North Star, Polaris, and the Southern Celestrial Pole would be slightly askew, but not to the degree to be noticed by the common man or most amateur astronomers, who sight on these polar stars, assuming them to be correct, and do not use landmarks as locators. This diagonal lean of the Earth toward the Sun is what is causing the Sunrise and Sunset to appear so far to the North, at this time. It also causes an irregular speed of Sunarc, as the view from the Earth swoops down into daylight at the start of the day, and swoops up at dusk at the end of the day, rather than a steady path across the sky. Near noon, the Sunarc is running sideways across the sky, moving rapidly as it is covering more distance per hour. To align a familiar constellation like the Big Dipper, this sideways tip of the N Pole toward the Sun also assists. If on May 25 the Big Dipper is found in the NW, half way up in the dome, but on Oct 15 is found in the extreme NNE closer to the horizon, the tipping of the N Pole toward the Sun places this constellation higher in the dome. For the Big Dipper to also move toward the NW, the N Pole would have to likewise be tipped toward the East, somewhat, toward Planet X rather than away, and this was done. This has produced more magnetic stress, pushing the magnetic N Pole further to the West, at this time. The Lean to the Left we have predicted to occur leading into the 3 days of darkness has not as yet begun.

This manipulation, appropriate for the Element of Doubt on May 15, 2006, will change shortly, as each month presents new challenges to be addressed. For those Insecure, unable to deal with the reality of the presence of Planet X and what this means for their future, unable to deal with the fact of the cover-up and what this means for the likelihood that the government will protect and care for them in the future, the Element of Doubt is in place. For those astute enough to observe the anomalies, the quakes and stretch zone accidents and volcanic increases that are not explained by the Global Warming excuse, the signs are there that things are not right, and the explanation presented by our emissary, Nancy, fits the pieces of the puzzle together correctly. For most, confused by this lengthy discussion of the many factors at play, our manipulation of the view, and the constant change likely to occur as the seasons unfold, a simple examination of the latest oddity suffices. For those into mental gymnastics, careful computation, and putting all the observations together on one page and seeking what answer might account for them all, our words here this day will be a guide. Those wanting to deny will not deal with all the anomalies or observations, choosing to divide in order to attempt to conquer. But all the facts must be faced, at once, for a fair trial of any theory proposed. If the constellations are correct, then why is the Sunrise and Sunset so aberrant, and the swoop of the Sunarc irregular?