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ZetaTalk: Apparent Precision
written Dec 22, 2004

At the start of ZetaTalk we introduced the concept of an Element of Doubt whereby those unable to deal with the thought of an alien presence could take comfort in denial. A way out of the discomfort that would otherwise cause them to attack those speaking warmly about their visitations or excitedly about their UFO sightings or enthusiastically about what this might mean for mankind. A way out that would avoid panic turned inward that might result in severe depression or suicide or madness. A way out, whereby the person unable to comprehend the Earth being visited by beings from other planets, coming in all shapes and sizes and with intellects far superior to man, could deny. They would have facts they could cling to, wave about, and declare that all is normal. During the decades since Roswell, mass sightings have been few, and photographic proof debatable, and this is still the case. Explanations contrary to the obvious are still floated by the establishment, for those who have this need. They can cling to the comfort that man as the center of the Universe, and the only intelligent creature, provides. For those strong enough to face the facts, the mass of evidence is overwhelming, and the debunking done by the fearful pathetic.

How would an element of doubt help mankind prepare for the coming cataclysms, and would such an element of doubt be mandated by the Council of Worlds? Why would it not, given that the options are a mass panic if the Earth changes are undeniable, resulting in the imposition of Martial Law to control the panic, and the premature slaughter of hundreds of millions by their own governments as they themselves panic and fear loss of control. How does this differ from the panic among those in control during the last days? What’s the difference? Death when one has made their peace, said their goodbys, and done all they could to help others is far different from death experienced in a sudden horror, swamped by feelings of abandonment and the heartache of being unable to reach out to help others they love and care for.

During the months and years when the presence of Planet X has been stoutly denied, despite a Second Sun dramatically seen by so many and a Moon wildly out of orbit at times, many changes have occurred in the corridors of power around the world. Gone are the expectations that an escape to Mars or into the solid rock chambers on the dark side of the Moon might be possible. Gone are the expectations that underground complexes would be safe. Gone are the expectations that communications via satellites or low frequency ground waves might hold. Increasingly, the establishment understands that their lot is hardly different from the lot of the common man. We have stated that Martial Law is unlikely to be called deliberately unless a firm date is known, as it is difficult to maintain for more than a short period of time. Thus, no firm date, no Martial Law, but if the Element of Doubt is removed, utterly, then with or without a date, Martial Law would not only be imposed suddenly, but during a state of panic on all sides, with the gunning down of those in the streets, gassing the hoards from planes overhead, and entombment in cities bombed all likely possibilities. Is panic only a possibility among the masses? Those in power are more prone to panic, as they fear more than the Earth changes, they fear losing power and the rage of those who have been lied to.

Compare this to the option of maintaining an Element of Doubt while the world slowly becomes aware that the Planet X scenario is real, the End Times upon them, and prepares. Those who would impose Martial Law find their ranks deteriorating, the resolve of those they command divided on the matter, and even the possibility of calling such draconian measures reduced because the truth has been leaked, increasingly, and the populace already knows about the coming changes. Few cultures have no prophecy or folklore to guide them in this matter, and the facts of what can be seen by those willing to look are increasingly clear. Thus, a lingering Element of Doubt allows the populace to take the steps those in the Council of Worlds hope will happen - spiritual decisions on whether to sacrifice in order to help others or continue down a self serving path, closure on goodbys that would otherwise result in hauntings by spirits looking for closure, plans laid among those determined to survive in order to help others needing them in the Aftertime. If the Council wants the populace of Earth to have this opportunity, what would it take to avoid the absolute certainty that something was amiss in the heavens, and that the establishment is withholding the truth?

What does this take, among those intelligent enough to be able to travel across the Universe in a wink, switch densities, control gravity, create blackouts, and travel back in time? We have stated that the orbits are what they are due to particle flows, sweeping arms of particles from the Sun, blasts of particles not unlike the Solar Wind from the Sun that hold planets at bay in their orbits, gravity particles drifting back to the Sun pulling the planets toward the Sun and outbursts holding these same planets at a distance by the Repulsion Force. Do you think the Council cannot control particle flows, the magnetism that is causing the Earth wobble, or cannot bend light to its liking? Think again!

NewGrange, Ireland
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