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ZetaTalk: Magnetic Trimesters
written June 6, 2004

Why is it the Sun, as the giant magnet dominating the solar system, points North and South with its poles in the directions it does? For those late to this argument, the Sun does not reverse polarity every 11 years as NASA states, and the solar Magnetic Field reaches beyond the outer bounds of the solar system, affecting all the planets. The Sun likewise is under the dictates of influences that surround it, and as the Sun goes, so go the planets. We have mentioned that there are hundreds of particle flows that reach out from the Sun’s middle as it rotates, the most obvious particle flow the one that brushes the planets along in their counterclockwise orbits, known as the Sweeping Arms of the Sun due to their regular Impact during the staring contest between the Earth and Planet X. The Sun likewise is subject to sweeps, from elsewhere, which affect her internal gyrations such that dozens of the particle flows moving into and out from the Sun are affected, and this passes down to the lowly planets circling the Sun like litter caught in a whirlwind. Since man is still arguing over our simple explanations of how gravity and magnetism work, and is still sputtering that that their assertions about the Sun’s polarity reversals is correct, despite their own Ulysses probes findings, we decline to detail all these particles flows as it will only result in endless theoretical arguments by those with big egos and small minds. But will address their impact on Earth and their relationship to some recent crop circles.

We have explained that Orbit Lock occurs because planets are held away from the Sun at the particle crowding point they can tolerate. More than the gravity repulsion force is at play in holding them away from the Sun, as hundreds of particles crowd toward the Sun. Some particles reach the crowding point, the orbit, and return to the Sun at that point, a roiling that is a tug on the planet riding that orbit. Like a ship on a tossing sea, the planet is subject to this roiling. For the Earth, one of those particle flows is in the electromagnetic spectrum, and varies three times during an Earth year as HAARP Documentation shows. These flows affect the planets orbiting the Sun regardless of their placement around the Sun, as it is an outburst from the Sun, not a sweeping arm directed and in synch with the Sun’s rotation. Thus, the Earth’s halted orbit does not allow her to escape its influence nor affect the timing.

Summer Trimester (May-Aug)
Normally a time when the outburst is strongest. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Summer of 2003 to the year before, the influence of Planet X coming into the inner solar system created a conflict for the Earth. During this trimester, Planet X was skewing its poles to align with flow lines on the opposite side of the Sun from the Earth, creating a dissonance.
Fall Trimester (Sep-Dec)
Normally a time when the annual outburst is diminishing. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Fall of 2003 to the year before, as the Earth approached the point where Planet X was entering the inner solar system their conflict lessened as they both moved to share flow lines on the same side of the Sun. In December, when the Earth halted in front of the approaching Planet X, in fact almost striking a chord.
Spring Trimester (Jan-Apr)
Normally a quiet time when the outburst is quiescent, just ahead of the yearly burst during the Summer Trimester. And as can be seen by a comparison for the Spring of 2004 to the year before, with the Earth and Planet X being in close proximity, there is little discord.

What will happen during the coming weeks, when the Summer Trimester continues during a time when Planet X is rising to the Ecliptic such that it will suddenly align with the Sun rather than skew along a magnetic flow line, and when Earth is pressed into Planet X by the crowd of inner solar system planets behind and to either side of it - the Dark Twin, Venus, and Mars. None are magnetic to the degree that Earth is, but add their influence to the distressed Earth by creating Whiplash scenarios. Like a magnetic cloud enveloping this grouping of planets and the interloper, Planet X, it will make any magnetic alignment more intense, more violent. This is the message these crop circles are relaying.

Ridgeway, May 25 2004
Falmer, May 28 2004

Beacon Hill,
Jul 4 2003

Aug 5, 2001

Arkansas, 2004
Ohio, Oct 2003