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Magnetic Trimesters
Comparisons to Year Prior as of June 6, 2004

Ridgeway, May 25 2004
Falmer, May 28 2004

Beacon Hill,
Jul 4 2003

One month plots comparing current to last year shows similar activity within the Trimesters. Recent crop circles have implied these Trimesters, which the HAARP documentation shows. These graphs show the positive magnetic flow from the N Pole moving North (black), East (red), or South (blue). Note the presence of Planet X is apparent in that the year from May 2003 to the present, when it was in the inner solar system and during the Summer Trimester, the HAARP charts show a stronger spread than the prior year, consistently. During Jul-Aug, 2003, when the Earth experienced power outage disruptions (St. Lawrence Seaway, Aug 14, 2003), the distress and discordance is greatest.

Trimester May-Aug is the strongest.

May : As the Zetas stress, May 2003 found Planet X distressing the Earth as it slung along magnetic flow lines on the opposite side of the Sun, May 2004 finding the Earth stalled near Planet X for more harmony in this regard. Both 2003 and 2004 more erratic than 2002 when Planet X was beyond the solar system. These charts demonstrates that something is in the solar system, destabilizing the Earth's magnetic field, and arrived to institute that destabilization on May, 2003.

June : Here the wildly distressed Earth field can be seen, not only by the strength of the swings but by comparison to the normal month in June, 2002.

July : As the Earth moves to be directly opposite Planet X, the Sun between them, the flow lines are most distressing. This can be seen from the East (red) lines which move in the wrong direction entirely from the historical expectation in July 2002.

August : During August, the direction is wholly different from the historical expectation in 2002.

Trimester Sep-Dec is diminishing.

September : In September, the start of the second Trimester, distress is diminishing as the Earth and Planet X move closer to each other, along the same flow lines.

October : Diminishing during the second Trimester, as the Earth approaches Planet X in their orbits, the swings are still stronger in 2003 than the year prior.

November : Only the pull toward the S Pole (black) differs during November, a month when erratic swings of the compass were noted.

December : In December, 2003 little distress is noted as the Earth and Planet X are close together along the same magnetic flow lines of the Sun.

Trimester Jan-Apr is quiescent.

January: Aligned closely during a halted orbit, the Earth and Planet X are not magnetically discordant. This is reflected in the comparison to the year prior. .

February: Again in February, aligned closely during a halted orbit, the Earth and Planet X are not magnetically discordant.

March: Again in March, little distress.

April: By April, a close alignment of Planet X and Earth show a quieter April in 2004 than in 2003, when the planets were apart.