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ZetaTalk: Hour After
Note: written Dec, 2002

Throughout the world, survivors of the shift will react in different ways, depending upon their level of prior knowledge and their personality. Look about you to the survivors of sudden storms, tornadoes or lightning strikes. These individuals are devastated and basically in shock. They understand that something unexpected has occurred, and they have lost loved ones, lost possessions, perhaps themselves are injured so life as they remembered it can never return, and are grieving. If the result of an expected catastrophe, like an approaching hurricane where they boarded up windows and tied down all that might blow away, the survivors might be angry at themselves for lack of proper preparation, or angry at the gods for delivering the storm, or angry at the authorities for not issuing an earlier warning, or angry at the insurance companies for not replacing lost goods, but anger is the mode. Now add to this the additional devastation of no helping hands arriving, and even those simply grieving at the loss will become angry.

If the survivors were expecting the shift, were in what they considered a safe place and all supplies and loved ones tied down and out of the wind and water surges, there will still be anger. Even had they convinced themselves that they understood this to be a normal astrophysical occurrence, and prepared for it, anger is a normal reaction to loss, or assault. Thus, survivors, even in camps where all were mentally prepared, will be angry, red faced, and wanting to explode on some excuse or another. What to do with all that anger? Direct it into activity, productive activity.

Nature, for survival, has engineered into the human animal flight or fight, and you can expect your human animals to want to do one or the other. There are those that will run, hysterical, trying to escape the devastation and only returning when their energy has exhausted itself and they are again calm. There are those that will want to fight, something, and will take this emotion out on the group unless directed elsewhere. In cases such as this, a quick directive to save this or that supply, to save this or that child about to bleed to death, to rush to another camp to find out how they faired, will direct this energy into action, the purpose of the fight or flight emotion. Those with a calm head, and those about them who may need to take over in case the calm head is not so calm as expected, after the shift, should be prepared with this list and bark orders, promptly. Do not wait until fighting among the group breaks out, bickering, explosion, and the need to mend fences afterwards. Be prepared in the first minutes after the shift, when survivors are emerging and dusting themselves off, red faced and looking for the enemy.

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