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Planet X: Changing the PAST?

Steve Havas has identified CHANGES in process on DSS images and NEAT
images provided to the public as existing Star Charts!  This CHANGE, in
process, began promptly after my announcement on sci.astro that new
infrared images had been take on January 19, 2002 at the coordinates
given by the Zetas.  Steve made note that David Tholen, who works in
Hawaii where the NEAT program is headquartered, was out of pocket and
had no comment for days after this announcement.  Humm.  

We suggest those who have copies of existing Star Charts KEEP THEM as
the past is changing before your very eyes!  Watch the PATH of the
changing past, as it follows, like a panting dog, after the Zeta
Coordinates!  Whatever else happens, the rich and powerful get to know,
but you do NOT.  Die in the earthquakes, get washed out to sea with your
babes in your arms, stumble around broken and dazed and bleeding and
starving, wondering why your government did not alert you, but YOU don’t
count!  You’re just the taxpayer.  They’re busy getting ready to leap to
Mars, in 2003, or at least eat all those Meals Ready to Eat they are
stashing away, and protecting the rich and powerful with the beefed up
military the Bush Administration is busy lining up to protect the
carry-on government.  They’re sure you’ll want this, after all, how can
you possibly get along WITHOUT them?

From Steve: 

NASA Skyview Images
Nancy, when I went back to look at these images which I was looking at
last nite from Skyview, they now clearly show an object where the Jan
17/2002 object is! I looked at this exact same image very carefully last
night at least a dozen times and there was NOTHING there at that spot! I
am not able to send that image yet because the viewer I'm using cannot
do that. I have to run out the door but I'll see if I can bring it up on
the other viewer I have (the one that can invert etc.)

NEAT image
On this image you can see when comparing the two spots in question that
the one below is without a doubt larger and brighter than the one above.
Also, when I was trying to bring up the NEAT images from Dec. 16/2001
that IMO had on his site (which show the spot in question to be even
larger and brighter than the Jan 17/2001 image), all three pictures come
up with only a small part viewable in the shape of a cross and
says there are serious astrometry errors with the image. When I go to
see the actual .fits file most of the data is missing or all the same
repeating sequences in large chunks. Definitely someone has been in
there I think for it to look like that and it has to have been recent
otherwise IMO would not have been able to post the image on sci.astro...

Caught! (I think)
Another contrast view of yesterdays (Feb 26,2002) DSSII image. NO spot
except the one which appears above and the same spot as the Jan 5,2002

Nancy, just by chance I happened to save an image from the DSSII
yesterday and it does not show anything at the Jan 19/2002 spot and does
NOT show the spot at the same area which appears on todays DSSII image!

New Image
Here is a .fits file of the Jan 19 image rotated and reversed. Still
Dave or no one else brave enough has addressed the issue of why the NEAT
images so brilliantly show the new spot when it doesn't seem to appear
in any other images. I guess he has to do his usual dancing around...
Maybe he's still reeling from the sting of your post which probably hit
him directly on the head "...and I would'a gotten away w'tit too if it
hadn't a bin for dem meddling kids!" hehe. If I lived next door I'd go
over and give you a high-five :-)