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ZetaTalk: Hoarding
Note: written Nov 15, 1999.

Many people view with alarm the thought of food shortages and struggling with other people to wrest away a loaf of bread or fist fights over a bag of flour or rice. They view with alarm such thoughts, and their first thoughts are to stock up, to buy many of these items. A case in point is the scare just years ago over toilet paper, where there was purported to be a shortage of toilet paper. Suddenly all the toilet paper on the shelves had been bought up. This is the first response to worry about shortages, but there are many problems with this reaction.

Because the desire to hoard and stock up is anticipated by the authorities, this is the first trend that will be watched and guarded against. Hoarding cannot be disguised. The grocer knows who bought a large stock of food, and neighbors can see who carried many groceries into a house. Those places that sell large quantities of food such as rice or wheat or beans have the person who made the purchase on record. One cannot hide a stock. The police can come door-to-door, open the doors, and see a stock of food and this stock can be confiscated. These stocks will be confiscated as food shortages occur and hoarding is to be discouraged, so that fighting and arguments and theft do not happen. The police will go door-to-door and those people who have hoarded will have it taken from them, and this will be distributed to others. Therefore, not only will they lose what they have tried to gathered, they will be penalized. They will be fined, punished, maybe put in jail, and certainly be scorned by their neighbors.

Of course, there should be some stock for those times when there is nothing to eat, but a very small amount. Don’t purchase in large quantities. A purchase in large quantities is a signal, and there are records being kept even today of who it is that purchases in large quantities. Those people are being marked to have their goods confiscated in the future. They are not being told this. They may even be encouraged to stock up because later someone can come and take these stores from them. It is a cruel game of those in control, to encourage stocking while knowing that these goods will be taken later. But those who wish to remain in control, who use such power plays, think not of their cruelty but only of their ability to get through hard times, and will manipulate whomever stands in their path to regaining their power. Even through what we are telling you is known and can be logically surmised, nevertheless warnings about punishing those who hoard are not going out, and people will not be alerted to the dangers of hoarding or stocking up until they have had the tables turned on them and all their saving put into rice and beans is gone. No one will tell them that this is to happen and no one will warn them.

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