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3 Days of darkness (Catholic Version)

Impending Signs:
Increasing violent disturbances on land, at sea and in the air; earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados, windstorms, cloudbursts, breaking of dams,overflowing of streams and seas, hugh tsunamis, floods, unusual "accidents" taking many lives. Famines, epidemics, destruction, destitution, failure of crops, water and crops will change, becoming more "polluted" and less nourishing.
Revolutions, downfall of governments, dissensions, wars, confusion in high places,lack of respect for authority, treachery, corruption, brutalities, atrocities. Immorality, lack of charity, heartlessness, indifference and lack of concern for our neighbor, people turning against each other.
A cross will appear in the sky. All will see it, but some will reject it. It will be a sign that the final events are near.
Immediate Signs:
The night will be bitterly cold, the wind will howl and roar, then will come lightning, thunderbolts, earthquakes, the stars and heavenly bodies will be disturbed and restless. There will be no light, but total blackness. Hurricanes of fires will rain forth from heaven and spread over all the earth, fear will seize mortals at the sight of these clouds of fire, and great will be their cries of lamentation, many godless will burn in the open fields like withered grass. 75% of the earth's population will be lost.
Blessed Anna Maria Taigi (Rome), Padre Pio (Italy), Pere Lamy (France), Elizabeth Canori-Mora (Rome), Saint Hildegard (Germany), Marie Martel (Normandy), and many more.