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TOPIC: Patterns

Earthquakes and volcanic activity are on the rise, with a Correlation between the two. A Quake Watch page summarizes the increase in truly unusual activity during 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. By 2001 the increase was obvious, Confirmed by program analysis, and rapidly Increasing, and During 2001 the death toll was noted. The trend continued in 2002, a Dramatic Increase noted, with Pre-Shift Adjustments evident. By 2007, the quake increase had moved from a lineal increase to an Exponential increase. The National Seismic database shows the incidence of Deep Quakes increasing dramatically, Since 1946, Since 1976, Since 1986, and Since 1996, then Stabilizing in 1999. A Quake Analysis shows an El Nino Correlation, with a 1997-98 Lull before the storm. A Magnitude increase is apparent, and as deep quakes lock plates together, first a decrease, then an increase in Frequency in Richter 3+, Richter 6+, and Richter 7+ quakes. Domino quakes emerged in 1999, Noted in Turkey, with a Ricochet effect exhibited due to plate lock, by 2002 evident. NEIS lists largest, but a USGS Coverup on the increased has emerged, by late 2002 Dropping Quakes from the database by the hundreds! By 2003, Global quakes where the entire globe participated were noted. Active Volcanoes are on the increase, a Record Number recently erupting, the Inactive coming to life, Rifts growing, and Superplumes rising. This has Congress Concerned. A Cayce Prediction re Mt. Edna applies. The Impact that Megathrusts or Blind Faults or Tsunamis have are described in the Great Lisbon quake and the 23 Foot Wave striking New Guinea. The explosion at Thera in 1,628 BC holds the record. Plates and Plate Tectonics play a part, as in this description of a California quake due.