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TOPIC: Weather

The weather has become increasingly unpredictable and extreme, a point noted at a recent UN Convention, affecting the entire globe. A Weather Watch page summarized the increase of truly unusual weather during 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999. The Up-Tick of severe weather and the Warming Trend and tendency toward Simultaneous weather extremes had become measurable. By 2001, a major Climate Shift was blamed for the Hurricane increase. During 2001, extremes were noted, with a record Tornado Count in the USA, record Heatwaves, the warming trend Established. Weather variables are linked with warmer oceans and Ocean Turbulence. In 1996 Food Shortages were evident, by 1997 Obvious, and by 1998 Devastating, agravated by El Nino. Some Speculate that Hypercanes may develop. The art of Forecasting weather can be learned. Web sites affording a weather watch around the world are:

University of Michigan WeatherNet
NOAA Monthly Report
FEMA's Storm Watch