TOPIC: The Plan

Government and Industry are both likely to collapse and in any case not address the issues before hand, though Emergency Ops centers may exist. There will be Bulk Survivors almost totally Unprepared, probably Not in Cities, though Some Groups may fare well. There are Obstacles to any large scale plan, and communities could Attract Gangs. A mental Independence Day must be entertained. Care should be taken not to be tracked by ones Social Security Number or other identifier. In laying plans, one must be Realistic, stick to Basics, and determine the personal Mission. An Integrated approach to finances is possible. There is only so much an Individual can do, and there are Tough Decisions on whether to be Moses or Noah. The approach is Surviving, then rebuilding with Supplies. Any given Survival Group must first protect their ability to survive at all and not be overwhelmed. Most survivors will expect to be Rescued. The Right Mix of people and Leadership will matter. Physical requirements include a per person Garden space and Energy generation.