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TOPIC: Housing

There is a range of non-traditional housing that can be erected going into or after the cataclysms. During an era of melting poles, consider a Houseboat, perhaps on a Cement Base. Many construction methods use inexpensive materials and can rely on manual labor. Methods include Rammed Earth construction, Straw Bale construction with Midwest example and Instructions, Adobe Bricks with Pueblo example, and Coating Burlap or coating Wire Mesh. Combining these methods also works. Earthen or Bermed housing has many options, is Fireproof, or use fireproof material such as FireFree. Methods recommended by Earthship include using old tires and aluminum cans, and an Earthship history shows the steps taken during construction. Cob Cottage offers workshops on building with earthen materials, and Ianto Evans tells you how to build your own for $500. A partially buried Grain Silo or Steel Pipe could be bermed and wind resistant, as would a Quonset Hut. A Trench Hut would double as a pole shift survival spot. A Full Cylinder drainage pipe could be a sturdy quake resistant home, and a 1/2 Cylinder design, common as farm outbuildings, could be quickly constructed. The EcoLodge offers a self sufficient design. Pyramid Homes are sturdy and efficient. Old military Bunkers could be put to good use, and in the DC area, a Fiberglass Radius is popular.