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ZetaTalk: Worthless Money
Note: written prior to July 15, 1995

Money will begin to lose its value long before the cataclysms hit. This will be worldwide, and in almost all human cultures. Why should this be the case, when, as we have stated, the majority of humanity will either be unaware of the coming cataclysms or in denial? The financial structure of the world's financial empires is really quite fragile. Look to the swings of the stock markets, the bond markets, and other speculations. Panic sets in at a moment's notice. The problem is that financial matters are based on human perceptions of worth. This moves about, even in the most stable of times. The value of an item increases during shortage, plummets during times of plenty, and otherwise is affected by various perceptions of being in the right place at the right time. There are gamblers aplenty in the financial arenas.

One of the reasons that financial giants among the elite seek to negate awareness of the alien presence is their fear of the repercussions on the financial markets. If they cannot negate awareness, they seek to minimize panic. Look to history, to see how little it took to create financial panics. What with the millennium approaching, and all the dire predictions made by many, true or untrue, many people worldwide will be on edge. Add to this the increasing crop failures, with consequent food shortages, affecting the markets in commodities.

Humans of good heart concerned with survival through the cataclysms are advised not to look to the money markets for assistance. Put your money into land and stable structures, documentation on the technologies and scientific knowledge of today, and apparatus with which to grow hydroponic vegetables and tanks for fish and crustaceans on the nutrients from recycled sewage.

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