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ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for July 31, 2010

New interesting crop circles in Czechia. It will be useful to hear any comments from Zetas about this formations.

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Both these crop circles have different meanings. The first, in South Moravia, indicates by the black and white flipping a rapid change. This crop circle is describing the severe wobble that precedes the static lean to the left. We have not put a time period, a day or week length, to this severe wobble but here you are given it - 9 days. The Egyptians described this time as the Earth "spinning round like a Potter's Wheel", meaning flopping from side to side. It finally flops to the left and there stays until the N Pole of Earth moves away into the 3 days of darkness. For those looking to pin down the time frame during the last weeks, this is another piece of the puzzle.

Vysocina is showing a series of eclipses, where one planetary body eclipses another. The first, in the central circle, shows the size of Planet X as a Second Sun seen from the northern hemisphere as the Earth and Planet X draw closer. The radiance of the Sun is eclipsed by this. What lies behind represents an earlier stage, when Planet X is less visible in the line of sight as viewed from Earth.

My basic Q is how the Zetas and Nancy's bluntness and courageous honesty has impacted human cultures, particularly contactees and ZT readers? I think this was briefly mentioned in the Cultural Exchange writeup (and perhaps its been addressed in more detail but I cannot find it in ZT and do not readily recall), but I feel it is pertinent particularly now with the poleshift looming. Are a lot of people, STO-leaning or STO, seeing Nancy and Zetas example of being blunt and honest rather than sugar coating (like Sylvia Brown, for example) and seeing that it is more effective in approaching not just the poleshift but life in general? I would hope those fostering the cover-up who have a conscience takes this example to heart. I realize this influence is probably more apparent in the STO or STO-leaning, but they will (hopefully) be the leaders in the aftertime and I hope the Zetas and Nancy's inspiration prevails among the STO-leaning in the Aftertime when hard split second decisions will have to be made.

Also, I realize that the Zetas were chosen to be so involved with humans due to a similarity in physiological background and hemoglobin blood type, and some similarities that are concurrent with mammalian culture (the tendency to destroy our world when given the power in 3rd density). But I was thinking about how much of a well fit the Zetas blunt and honest approach is given the unusual human brain tendency (unusual in terms of lifeforms throughout the universe) to be able to repress information and deny and escape reality. No offense to any other STO E.T. cultures, but I couldn't imagine one that is more prone to sugar coating things and avoiding uncomfortable realities being in the role that the Zetas are in. Was this compatibility a big component in the Council of World's allowance of the Zetas as having the role they have in Earth at this time?

Man has dual brains, the conscious which is selective in what it wants to remember and can repress emotions, and the subconscious which remembers and is aware of all. This is not true of lifeforms elsewhere in the Universe, and is the exception in the extreme. We, the Zetas, do not have this duality. Man can fool himself as to his motives, deny and ignore reality, or twist reality into a version that makes him feel comfortable. Thus, man can see the Earth changes and pretend what he saw does not exist, can see the Moon in a part of the sky far outside of where the Moon travels, and simply dismiss this from his mind. When we speak to mankind through ZetaTalk, we are speaking to the subconscious of man, the part of the brain that does not repress or forget or twist facts. We are speaking to the whole man, his whole essence, and not a surface cover that only allows certain facts to be on the table. We work well with Nancy because she also has this approach, and does not play games with reality. She has faced the hard facts and determined that she wants to help the innocents who will be hit the hardest by the cover-up and by mankind's tendency to deny the unpleasant. This takes courage, which she has in almost boundless amounts. Would we like to see survivors take this approach, in setting their priorities in the Aftertime? Absolutely.

Did the failure this week of DARPA's Falcon HTV-2 experimental space plane have anything to do with potentially dangerous tail elements or properties of Planet X interacting with earth's atmosphere? Along with the recent worldwide news about earth's atmosphere suffering an unexplainable collapse, are these signs of an increasing push and interaction of the tail elements and properties of Planet X? [and from another] Plane's Flameout May End Space Weapon Plan [Jul 22] In the language of Beltway defense wonkery, the results of this year's test launch of the hypersonic unmanned U.S. aircraft designated Falcon HTV-2 might be called sub-optimal. In plain English, it appears certain that the experimental space plane - a key element of U.S. efforts to develop a conventional weapon that can strike anywhere in the world in less than an hour - disintegrated and burned up in the upper atmosphere in a failure that casts a question mark over the program's future. Contact with the Falcon was lost about nine minutes into the half-hour flight on April 20. The test flight was a part of a research program involving two Falcon vehicles, the second of which was slated for launch early next year before April's failure. [and from another] Earth Atmosphere Collapse Puzzles Scientists - A recent contraction of the thermosphere was the most intense in 43 years

Why did the April 23, 2010 launch of the Falcon HTV-2 appear to burn up? Certainly NASA and the Pentagon are familiar with the high atmosphere environment, as the Shuttle passes through this on its way to the ISS, and back. There was nothing wrong with their plans, nor was there anything in the upper atmosphere they were unaware of. The difference between the ISS and the Falcon HTV-2 is intent. The ISS is ostensibly viewing Earth and sharing this data, doing scientific experiments and with international cooperation. The Falcon HTV-2 is to provide the US military the ability to intimidate anyone, anywhere, in the world. They would rule, and none could stand up to them. The Council of Worlds would not allow this, as it disrupts the balance between Service-to-Self and Service-to-Other on Earth, and thus allowed an interference . The test flight was shot down, in short, as will all future such endeavors from those who would be kings in the Aftertime.

I took this picture while camping is it what I think it is?
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Note this recent photo underwent extensive examination to determine if it was a PhotoShot job, and it was determined it was not. Digital images are encoded, and if worked in an application such as PhotoShot include a color pallete. There is other evidence, such as dissonance in the pixels, when changes to dpi are done, for instance. Here are the comments made during this analysis, and the examination results provided. Below is the enhanced version, which invariably shows doctoring and does not, and the 4-bit conversion, likewise sailing through as an undoctored photo:
Don (Analyst 2) "Jezz, you didn't take this with a digital camera, did you? I too noticed, after Waveguide (Analyst 1) pointed it out, that it references Adobe Photoshop C3..... and no camera name, model #, etc. Also, it's saved at 72 dpi, which indicates it probably was not shot with a digital. The 10-day time frame would account for developing the film and then scanning it. Am I right? I do know that some folks might look askance at the info in "Properties", as Waveguide points out."
[and from another] Jezz (Photographer) The photo was taken with a non digital 15 year old 35mm camera. I took them to drugstore developer to be made into a disc. My husband uploaded it for me, I have no idea how to that.He said he ran the pics through photo shop to reduce them in size, red eye reduction and what not. Does that help any?" [and from another] Morris (Analyst 3) "This analysis has converted the photo to 4-bit and shows the consistency of the photo."
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This is a genuine capture of Planet X on film, in the Monster Sun category. This is absolutely captured on film, as occurred in 2003, and is also visible naked eye.

According to ZT Safe Locations about Nevada (href="../info/tinfx047.htm), NV's climate will be the same after the PS. Also on a ZT Deserts page (../poleshft/p154.htm) arrows are pointing to Nevada being closer to the equator. Is Nevada to be more 'tropical' or a 'dry desert area' like the African Sahara of sand and wasteland? Planning for seed growth in the After-time, will tropical plants flourish in Northern Nevada, or will more desert succulents like Prickly Pear Cactus and the like grow better? Grains and weeds will likely flourish whatever climate Nevada has afterward because that's what grows there now? If rain will fall everywhere after the PS, what will a Nevada 'desert' be like with rain falling on the desert constantly for cultivating plants? I am speaking about the timeframe of when rain falls to when it becomes a full-out desert area again like it is now.

The Deserts diagram, showing prevailing westerlies curling around in keeping with the Coriolis effect, does not indicate that the high deserts of Nevada or Arizona will have rain. Rather it shows that when these winds pass over the vast flooded expanse of what is now northern Canada they will provide rain for the lands in the Midwest, including Nebraska and Kansas. We have stated that the deserts of Mexico will eventually bloom, as they will get new moisture coming directly off the Pacific. But Nevada has the blockage of the high Sierras to prevent this, as they do today, so will continue as today to be a high desert.

Planet X for a long time already is between the Earth and the Sun. Orbit of PX is extended elliptic, now it is close to perigee. Means PX has the maximum kinetic energy accordingly the maximum speed. Why it yet has not reached the Earth? Why it moves slowly? Repulsion Force? What Zetas can tell about it?

Planet X has a sling orbit, orbiting two foci instead of one as all the other planets in your solar system do. It set upon this sling orbit from the start, when your solar system and the nearby regions came out of the last Big Bang. Where it does have some of the characteristics of a comet, slinging in and then past the Sun and then outbound, this is where the similarities end. Man computes the trajectory of the tiny dirty snowballs that whisk past the Sun periodically, picking up speed as they approach the Sun and being held away from the Sun only because of the solar wind. The dynamics are completely different for Planet X. It is massive, a heavy planet 23 times the mass of Earth, where the dirty snowballs are a nat. Being heavy, it invokes the Repulsion Force which keeps planets from smashing into each other and from going into the Sun. Being massive it also has an intense gravity attraction to the Sun, zooms in at a speed far greater than the dirty snowballs, even approaching the speed of light in early 2003, and then putting on the brakes in a manner dirty snowballs simply do not exhibit. It thus creeps past the Sun, due to this gravity/anti-gravity play that the Repulsion Force represents. Thus man cannot compute the trajectory of Planet X, nor its speed, nor the twists and turns that it will make as it proceeds. Only ZetaTalk has been able to give the establishment any clues to this, by our descriptions and predictions. It is for this reason that ZetaTalk is de rigor reading for those assigned to make predictions for their masters in the establishment, as they hope to increase their accuracy.

align="right" height="328" hspace="0" width="362">Two new CCs in England, Wiltshire. Reported 25th July. Any comments of the Zetas, if there is something considerable? The similar anchor CC has been commented by the Zetas in a chat on June, 26th. Any new message has appeared?

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If the Anchor crop circle was showing the Planet X complex as it retreats, White Horse is showing it as it approaches. The minor Moon Swirls that composed the tail of the Anchor are very distant and hardly visible. The two main Moon Swirls will be seen on either side, flaring back. And the crowding of magnetic particles in front of Planet X as it points its N Pole toward the Earth is shown, so that Planet X itself is almost repulsed by this crowding, pushed back in this cloud of magnetons, so is moving slowly!

When it comes to disclosure about aliens, the Z's have said that the ppl they are worried about are those who would "assault" the contactee. How would these ppl react should the govt disclose that aliens exist or release their (U.S.) UFO files, revealing convincing evidence? Or if an increase in UFO sightings and there on significant media coverage took place?

If sudden disclosure occurs, as you describe, where the US government releases evidence of the alien presence and/or admits the alien presence is real and/or that contact with aliens has occurred and the rumors about MJ12 are true, there would be little damage to contactees. It is the situation where there is a gray area, so that those who fear or resent the alien presence can feel justified in attacking those who claim they are contactees - banned from the church community because they are talking to demons, fired from the job or refused promotions because they might be mentally unstable, divorced from a spouse who does not want the children drawn into a controversy. But if full disclosure occurs, to the degree that those who would punish a contactee no longer have their rationale or reason to fear association with the contactee, then little punishment potential remains. The church may still try to ban a member, or a spouse may still want a less contentious partner, but being fired or passed over for promotion will likely stop, and trying to protect the children is likely to be a thing of the past. In fact, those who have had real contact and have inferred this in the past may become very popular for awhile!

I was wondering if the Zeta's could give a summary on the proceedings around the world at the moment, the wonderful people here on the ning have been providing details on specific events in their areas as they occur but it would also be good to have a voice bring these events together and explain them as there is probably a lot happening that we are only guessing about or have overlooked certain details on or don't know what questions to ask.

A summary of proceedings around the world could include the Earth changes, where we have inferred a 7 of 10 would arrive by the end of 2010. Rising from a 2-3 at the start of 2008 and arriving at a 5 by the end of 2008, this scale is clearly not linear. We are currently at a 6 and our statement is that a 7 of 10 would "shock the world" and be unmistakable. Such a move on the scale would involve either a roll of the S American Plate to press islands in the Caribbean down, or do likewise with the Indonesia tongue to press Sumatra and Java and the Malaysia peninsula down, or rip the New Madrid fault line. We have declined to say which of these events would occur first, or when, but can only say that at least one of them will occur before the end of 2010.

Meanwhile, the Earth is in a daily wobble which involves pushing the magnetic N pole of Eath away daily when it comes up over the horizon. This wobble has been complicated lately by an occasional and temporary lean to the left or lean into opposition. So the N Pole of Earth has also been pointing away from Planet X to the left or toward Planet X on occasion. All of this makes where the Sun rises and sets very erratic, so extremes are noted. This trend is not going to change or go away, though other variations on the wobble may emerge. About this we can say no more as we prefer to keep the establishment discombobulated. All this dither has on occasion placed Planet X into an optimal position to be viewed as the Second Sun.

Meanwhile, back at the cover-up, panic is rising. The favored excuses to explain the Earth changes the public is increasingly becoming aware of have failed. Global Warming was discredited when it was revealed that the data was cherry picked, by none other than the UN spokesperson. Al Gore is in hiding. The fond hope that the Sun would progress to a solar maximum so that solar activity could be touted as the cause of electromagnetic disturbances has died as the Sun refuses to wake up. The hope of blaming increasing earthquakes and shifting ground on solar activity is hopelessly dashed. As an object next to the Sun, evident to everyone, becomes a real possibility, they can only plan a quick dash to their bunkers or hope for early retirement to be granted. They have no plans for how to explain the matter, as they know the public will be enraged.

Meanwhile, UFO activity increases, and telepathic warnings are sent to those below who see these displays. Flood dreams, a sense that one needs to move to higher ground or migrate to a different region are common reactions to such telepathic messages. The common man increasingly senses something is terribly wrong, especially if they see the Moon out of position or the Sun rising an hour early, with no mention of this in the media. They seek their prophets, as every culture has them, and research history and folklore, and quietly resign themselves to the possibility that cataclysmic changes might be in their near future. Beyond that, they plod through their life, as most can do no other if they expect to feed themselves and their loved ones. Those with the resources or opportunity to make changes in their lifestyle so that they might survive what they sense is coming often do so. But just as many, if not more, simply deny any unpleasant thoughts.

New crop circle reported 26th July. It reminds me "8" figure but with some additions. Any comments from Zetas as always will be nice to see! At Chalk Pit, near Westbury: I think that this CC shows us collision of magnetic fields of the Planet X and the Earth. It already not the first CC which shows us collision of fields at this time. Possibly there is something new in this? [and from another] So what was that "something" that happened around the 20th of July? The change in a character of the Earth wobble or what else? Because we have the 29th already. Please, give at least a brief answer.
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As with Woolaston, this crop circle, which is almost identical, is depicting the current state of particle crowding and bumping action around the Earth of late. Earth has been wobbling since 2004, tilting her magnetic N Pole away from Planet X and then, when it is protected by the horizon, allowing it to bounce back. The larger circles represent that wobble, which has allowed the Earth to deal with the magnetic approach of Planet X since its arrival into the inner solar system. The larger circles represent these two postures of the Earth, forward and back, the daily wobble. What appears to be lettering on each half of Eastfield represents the various changes in this wobble, which at first was a S Pole tug, then a N Pole push, and has varied in strength and shape as the wobble years have passed.

To either side are smaller circles, which as we mentioned during Woolaston represent the temporary lean to the left or into opposition. These are superimposed on the regular daily wobble, and persevere for days. These are larger in Eastfield than they were in Woolaston, because the frequency and severity of these temporary leans is increasing. Of course, the Moon hardly knows where to position itself, and the Moon's orbit will be increasingly erratic because of this. This is represented in the center of the Eastfield diagram. What does Chalkpit represent? By moving the side circles, which represent the temporary leans either to the left or into opposition, it shows an intrusion into the daily wobbly. Instead of being pushed this way or that, in turn, it will be the daily wobble being rattled. If you pick up a box and move it from place to place, perhaps gently and then even with more force and shoving, you would likely not break the contents. But if during picking it up and moving it you rattle it, you are going to break those contents. We have predicted plate movement starting, major plate movement. What would cause this? Certainly not the gentle wobble that has been in place since early 2004. Something different has to occur!

A question concerning UFO sightings. Do they hang around the sun, just to the point of not being able to see them because of the brightness. A few of my most recent pictures has me wondering if I caught one. Is it black ops, earthly produced?

This issue came up when the moons of Planet X were spotted in images provided by the Stereo Ahead and Stereo Behind satellites. Those in charge of the cover-up quickly circulated rumors that these were UFOs, hiding near the Sun. We scarcely need the glare of the Sun to hide our presence, as we have explained in the body of ZetaTalk. Our motherships are right overhead, concealed by the bending of light rays around these motherships so what you see is what is above the ship, not the ship itself.

Will there be any relocation of innocent Bigfoot before pole shift activated worsening of Hanford, Washington nuclear plant radiation during/after pole shift? Regarding ZT contact issues, is the "Element of Doubt" rule in place for Bigfoot? Does ZT project Bigfoot communities to survive after the pole shift, or die out over a 100 year period, similar to humans? Will Bigfoot make any spiritual transition during/after the pole shift? The Hanford, Washington nuclear power plant is located only about 50 miles from Walla Walla, Washington and 75 miles from the heart of the Umatilla National Forest, just east of Walla Walla. Walla Walla is the origin of a footpad casting that ZT infers belongs to Bigfoot. Now, the Hanford nuclear power plant currently represents two-thirds of the United State's high-level radioactive waste by volume, and without extraordinary assistance, one may presume that the Pole Shift will bring about much more dreadful levels of radiation and contamination within a 50 to 75 mile radius of Hanford, WA. Indeed, ZT has recommended that, prior to and after the Pole Shift, humans keep a 100 mile radial distance from the Hanford nuclear site. Bigfoot did nothing to bring about or use the nuclear power plant in Washington state, and indeed, has tried to commune with nature and mind his/her own business therein. Is there a plan afoot to help relocate Bigfoot away from any dangerously close habitats within 100 miles of the Hanford nuclear power plant?

Since Bigfoot will be transferred to another compatible world prior to the shift to 4th density, the expectation is that a transfer sooner rather than later would be appropriate. Why decimate their limited numbers during the pole shift to struggle in the Aftertime? An earlier transfer is already in process.

align="right" height="68" hspace="0" width="143">I posted a blog about what I saw happening with the moon, and was curious as to what it is that I witnessed. Any and all info about that incident will be appreciated. I've never seen this before, and need confirmation that both; I saw what I saw, and that it's not normal! In between 8:45 and 9:00pm (US Central Time) I was driving to the gym and noticed the moon east/slightly northeast rising in a crescent phase bright red no clouds, just right there like this about 30 degrees above the horizon. I only had my camera phone with me, and when I stopped and looked through the viewfinder you could barely make the image in it. So I was like "screw it" and went in the gym, not without giving it another look before I went in. When I came out of the gym at 10pm the moon was full! And it's right there sitting full right now. Something had to have been obscuring the moon. You just don't go from crescent to full in one hour! These are stock photos of what I saw, because I didn't have my camera with me at the time.

Looking almost directly east at a Full Moon, you would be seeing the Moon with full sunlight on it, unobstructed. The sudden obstruction was from a body between the Moon and the Sun, and larger than a shadow of Venus would appear. Planet X is to the right of the Sun, and looking east you are likewise finding the Moon to the right of the Earth. Planet X occulted your Moon, briefly, as the distance is great and any slight movement of the Moon freed it from this shadow.

Is this a legit UFO sighting? Uruguay had been a hot spot for UFO activity over the years. Recently a commission was formed that includes military and civilian members to study secrets archives released by the government. During the street celebrations of this country's national soccer team reaching the world cup semi finals after 40 years, two UFO's were photographed above the crowd of thousands. What message was relayed to the people, and is disclosure about to accelerate in this country? and [and from another] The remaining two-quarters of the country is a rolling plateau marked by ranges of low hills that become more prominent in the north as they merge into the highlands of southern Brazil. Even these hilly areas are remarkably featureless, however, and elevations seldom exceed 200 meters.
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Poor Montevideo, Uruguay. It is in one of the worst positions possible for the pole shift. We have described a rush of water coming toward this part of the S American coastline during the shift, due to the tipping up of the Antarctic Plate to form new land between the tip of S America and South Africa. Uruguay is lowland, and with tides 500-600 feet would suffer even without this added rush of water. Situated on the leading edge of land facing this onslaught, Montevideo will drown, utterly, in the aggressive and relentless tide. All who wish to suvive must be into the highland well away from the coast, with an added buffer of land. This puts them, frankly, outside of the borders of Uruguay.

This article of black African parents giving birth to a truly recessive white baby in London defies explanation (if true) and is viral on the net. Could there be something else be amiss like egg implantation from white parents into the black mother? Or is the birth of this baby naturally another sign of the effects of Planet X as it relates to albinism due to planet X presence in simulating an increase in heretofore unknown subterranean rays which is causing an increase in albinism in animals at this time? [and from another] Black Nigerian Couple Gives Birth To White Baby: A Nigerian couple in London have defied genetics, and astounded researchers by giving birth to a blonde hair, blue-eyed baby!!! Check out the pictures and read the amazing story. Baby Nmachi Ihegboro was born at Queen Mary's Hospital in Sidcup, Kent. At first it was believed that baby Nmachi was an albino, but doctors ruled out that possibility. Neither of the parents have any mixed race family history, which is why the case is rare. "She doesn't look like an albino child anyway - not like the ones I've seen back in Nigeria or in books," father Ben Ihegboro told The Sun. "She just looks like a healthy white baby." The father, also ruled out any possibility that the baby was not his. "Of course, she's mine. My wife is true to me. Even if she hadn't been, the baby still wouldn't look like that," said Ben. Professor Bryan Sykes, head of Human Genetics at Oxford University, claims that in mixed race humans, the lighter variant of skin tone may come out in a child - and this can sometimes be startlingly different to the skin of the parents.

We have spoken to the issue of recessive genes, and what lies in mankind's DNA. All is carried forward, but if a gene is not a winning gene assisting survival it becomes a recessive gene and often a rare recessive gene. Thereafter, it is forgotten as it does not express and show itself, so lies latent. In this child's lineage there are white genes, whose origin is long forgotten. Did white men and women not travel to Africa in the past? If a white woman had a child by her man servant, it was most certainly not raised in the home but sent to live with the father's relatives. Did white men, alone in a vast continent, not seek sexual comfort with black women?

Father's Day weekend - from June 18 to June 20 this year - when 54 people were shot in Chicago. Ten people died, including a toddler. But no leads due to the "no snitch code", a street code, reinforced in rap music, that no one tells anything to police. Can the Zetas comment on how this, and gangsta rap, might be related to any STS alien counseling or life on STS planets?

Certainly a rule that inhibits citizens from seeking protection and relief from the police when they or their loved ones are threatened smacks of the Service-to-Self rules that the brutal shall rule the weak, with no recourse. The basis of such rules is to keep law enforcement from doing their job, so that gangs can conduct what is in essence leveling wars designed to establish who is the most brutal and thus entitled to leadership. We have described these leveling wars as something the Service-to-Self do when encountering each other. Collateral damage of small children, relatives of antagonists, or neighbors or shoppers just walking down the street is considered justified, as he who would be king thinks of himself and his agenda as the top priority. Right from the rule book on Service-to-Self planets, yes.

Obviously off camera, going about their daily routine with their peers, do the people that work at the Weather Channel or Accuweather have conversations and opine with each other about the obvious abnormal weather patterns they are seeing? Or do they just not bring it up at the risk of sounding crazy?

The are obsessed with the subject and when they are certain the other is aware and under the same restrictions not to reveal their knowledge, they arrange such meetings and go to great lengths to conceal them from co-workers and family. Many have been accused of having affairs and even been divorced for these activities. Prior to any first meeting, and certainly prior to any group meeting, those who have been warned to keep their mouth shut have watched for worried faces or signs of stress such as pill popping or excessive drinking. Vague comments are made at the vending machine or while walking out to the parking garage, always in a context that could be taken many ways but with body language indicating otherwise. If confirmation is given, they arrange for a beer or a mutual jogging session and there continue to broach the subject carefully until finally one has the courage to address the issue openly. Most warned are not aware of the full truth, but only a piece of the puzzle. Therefore, the more pressing issue for these people is to see the whole picture, which they try to puzzle out for themselves.

The latest commercial for the new television series The Event is quite interesting. It starts out with one person saying, "the President is getting ready to tell them." and someone else says, "He can't." Then the first person asks, "but shouldn't we tell them - to give them time to prepare?" It was quite eerily similar to ZetaTalk concerning the coverup, and the those seemingly in control. Where the short-lived series Jericho was an excellent portrayal of people being cut off from technology, neighboring cities, food supplies, etc., it is possible that this new series is a fanciful step toward disclosure?

The trend in disaster movies, whether in theaters or on TV, has been moving gradually from extreme examples of world disasters to the reality that will be presented to the common man. Movies in the past have shown the Earth's core stopping (The Core), having to be restarted by a team of intrepid scientists traveling down through molten magma. Or scenarios such as a volcano erupting in the middle of LA (Volcano), or New York City crushed by massive earthquakes (Aftershock). If the Earth is threatened by approaching asteroids (Armaheddon), a NASA team will fly up there and save the day. Always, some group of scientists or arm of the government rescues the world, else the theme of the movie is that no one will be saved except the elite in arcs (2012) or a dozen children rescued by benign aliens (Knowing).

At times the theme of a coverup is presented, such as when a black president withholds information until before announcing a lottery (Deep Impact) to a remarkably calm populace, or more realistically, only announcing when the Earth is already fracturing (2012). A parallel theme has been what the populace must deal with - a group finding itself stranded and having to determine who gets to stay or must leave the group (Survival), or civilization thrown back, technologically (Postman), or massive flooding with the whereabouts of dry land unsure (Waterworld). Brutal gangs have been shown to be the strongest survivors (Mad Max) or only temporarily in charge (Book of Eli) or resorting to cannibalism (The Road), but the day to day existence in the Aftertime is best presented in a work of fiction not yet produced (Finegan Fine).

Will you ask the Zetas to comment on NASA's new pronouncement that the Themis project has discovered precursors to the conjecture that jetliners are piercing the magnetosphere causing "space quakes" that somehow find the effect reaching the Earth's surface. According to NASA, this "could have a noticeable effect on Earth" and also are suggesting it is also causing: "Ground current surges (that) can have profound consequences, in extreme cases bringing down power grids over a wide area." (gimme a break) I'm guessing this another in a series of failing attempts to explain Earth Changes to date. [and from another] NASA is now suggesting that "Space Quakes" might cause earthquakes, magnetic anomalies or similar phenomena on Earth. Is NASA reading ZT re July 20 or Violent shifts soon to come? How much more ridiculous and silly will NASA get with their bizarre theories in the future? This is just plain stupidity on their part in terms of a cover up it seems.

Having failed with Global Warming and solar activity, they are desperate for any cover story. The Global Warming story was supposed to cover earthquakes as well as rising seas, because, the theory went, heavier oceans would make the plates shift. But this apparently did not sail well among the scientific community, especially given the quake patterns and the slight rise in sea level, only inches at most. Their fond hope was that the Sun would allow them to exaggerate solar activity, but the Sun is asleep and trying to invent activity when amateur scopes and the myriad solar wave reports would say otherwise has not proved an easy task. Thus blaming the Sun must be put aside to explain the Earth changes they anticipate - earthquakes, electromagnetic disturbance, and signs in the skies! Will this latest excuse fly? If jet liners can do this, why is the effect only now becoming apparent? Precisely how can a mere jetliner disturb a magnetic field to the extent that it "quakes"? Can this be produced in the laboratory? If such a thing happened, that the Earth is affected by this disturbed magnetic field, then how is it that the jetliner manages to escape without injury? This is beyond ludicrous, and will only further make NASA the laughing stock it has become.

What will cause the human race to die out one hundred years after the shift? Will the Zeta's sterilize the remaining humans? Its in our genetic makeup to reproduce and we have done that after prior passages of PX and rebuilt the population. So why will this time be different?

What is missing from this perception is the Service-to-Other mindset, which does not wish for one's child any but the best and which is capable of putting ego aside. Your population reproduction on Earth involves careless sex where unwanted babies are conceived, parents who see a child as an extension of themselves and reject any baby that does not have their genes, and large families as a source of labor power and brute strength during confrontations. Service-to-Other individuals do not think like that. Imagine that every babe born after the pole shift will only have a Service-to-Other soul. Those who are alive today will die out in 60-70 years, or certainly within 100 years. Their children will be Service-to-Other, if the child survives at all in the Aftertime environment. Those children that do survive will likely be encountering the hybrids or other visitors, if not already in contact pre-birth. If and when they desire children of their own, they will be aware of the hybrid program. They may even be intermarrying with hybrids. And if genetics from both human parents is desired, they are highly likely to request assistance so that the child can in addition have hybrid genetics that will allow the child to be a peer of those in the community, and not be given a virtual handicap by being merely human. The instance where fully human offspring propagate and are present at the 100 year point will be rare and fleeting, as their offspring would likely have a different opinion on child bearing.

My question is why such extreme cold in South America? (Mariaelisa's recent post says a lot of cold air from Antarctica) so is the magnetic south pole region being stimulated to extreme by PX and the wind dragging that air almost totally to South America - and barely affecting other Southern Hemisphere lands.
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The heat waves in the northern hemisphere are mirrored by cold waves in the southern hemisphere. The heat is caused by the globe tilting its N Pole too far toward the Sun, like an extra hot summer, so of course the S Pole is getting too little sunlight which makes the southern hemisphere's winter extra cold.

Could you perhaps provide an update on the position of the Dark Twin, with respect to the Earth? [and from another] ACE orbits the L1 libration point which is a point of Earth-Sun gravitational equilibrium about 1.5 million km from Earth and 148.5 million km from the Sun. From its location at L1 ACE has a prime view of the solar wind, interplanetary magnetic field and higher energy particles accelerated by the Sun, as well as particles accelerated in the heliosphere and the galactic regions beyond.
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The Dark Twin has come up behind the Earth in their shared orbit, and there stopped, halted like the Earth. Because of the increased crowding in the field in front of Planet X, which is moving steadily toward the three planets trapped in the eddy flow cup, it has dropped slightly behind the Earth's orbit. If one were to look down upon the solar system one would see coming out from the Sun first Planet X, then Venus, then the Earth, and finally the Dark Twin. Planet X is coming outbound from the Sun. Venus is being pushed back and forth in front of Planet X to simulate her orbit in the view from Earth. The Dark Twin is somewhat further from the Sun and to the side of the Earth, behind the Earth in their shared orbit. The Dark Twin on occasion is captured on film as a dim monster when light rays which have been bent out are returned to Earth, distorting the original size. These photos are taken after dusk, pointing out into the night sky toward the west, which would be where one would expect to find it. The exact coordinates can be surmised from these photos, but this changes about because these planets are all in a dance with each other. The Dark Twin intermittently shows up on the magnetosphere simulator, because the ACR satellite taking space weather measures drifts about between the Earth and Sun, and when at the right angle captures the magnetic field of the Dark Twin as well. Note the angle invariably puts it behind the Earth, confirming our words. This first came to the attention of the public on May 3, 2010 when the Dark Twin's magnetic field was evident on the 2D image. It has now reappeared on the images as a dual object. Why this dual image? This indicates movement in the Dark Twin, who has freedom to bop about as it is on the perimeter of the particle crowding in the cup. The ACE satellite is taking a type of long-exposure image of the space weather, and thus captures both positions.

The Zetas have stated in "The Lift" that "during the cataclysms, when the Earth's crust has shifted and stopped, a great many humans will need to be located and lifted, simultaneously. As we have stated, most in the Service-to-Others have declined this offer so as to be with their loved ones during the time of greatest need". As it is known to ZT readers, after PS, STO will be separated from Undecided / Young Souls. The Q. is: even if one is qualified for 4th Density STO life, can one refuse it in order to stay with their loved ones, and follow them anywhere.

Service-to-Other humans are not going to be separated from other humans during the pole shift, or after the pole shift, except if they walk away from these other humans, deliberately. There is no scenario as described in the book series "Left Behind" where some leave and the others are bereft, left behind. Since the Earth of the future is to be a Service-to-Other world, those who qualify, being fully Service-to-Other, are given the offer of a lift. What this means is that they can be prevented from dying during the hour of the pole shift, so as to be there for their families and neighbors afterwards. Most decline this offer because the hour of the shift will be the time of greatest terror.

We have described, and our emissary Nancy has witnessed, some extremely rare instances where in today's world highly Service-to-Other humans would otherwise be killed or would go missing and their bodies not be found. The example Nancy witnessed, and participated in to understand the process, was a group of political prisoners being walked off a cliff. It was assumed by the executioner that they would die and since the crevasse was deep and dark, no one checked. Those political prisoners in that group who were Service-to-Other were snagged and taken to our dome cities, where they are hard at work as teammates with the hybrids and ourselves. Nancy also participated in the rescue of young children sold into sexual slavery, as here too the Element of Doubt was maintained because the slavers assumed the children either escaped or were stolen by a rival gang.

Many people have illusions about the Lift, confusing this with the Biblical ascension whereby the faithful will be saved from harm and taken to Heaven early, or confusing this because they have a personal desire to be rescued or to be special. This is not the purpose of the Lift, which is extremely temporary during the hour of the pole shift only. Those humans who will be living with us after the pole shift are those who are already working with us as teammates. As we stated earlier, outside of our emissary Nancy, who has risked her life hundreds of times to produce our ZetaTalk, we decline to name them. We have often stated that if someone claims to be Service-to-Other, they likely are not, and it is likewise true that if someone is claiming to be a teammate of ours qualifying for such an offer, they also likely are not.

The Zetas said that the soul should have at least 1000-1200 (or more) terms of embodiments for definition of the orientation. Also, the Zetas said that just STO souls will be embodied on the Earth after the pole shift. If the soul is inclined to the STO and has been embodied less than, for example, 1200 terms of lives, such soul also will be moved to the 3d water world (together with not confident souls) for termination of definition of orientation, i.e. till it will not be the STO definitively? Or not, inclined souls to the STO will remain on the Earth also?

You are asking where the line is drawn, as in human graduation where a student may go to summer school to catch up on their math in order to graduate with their class. If one misses the graduation, during a Transformation, because they were not quite ready, this does not doom them to an eternally long time on another 3rd density world. There are periodic harvests of souls on 3rd density worlds where those ready to graduate are taken. However, many prefer to linger with other souls they have become acquainted with, soul mates, in order to travel together. Those humans who do not qualify for Service-to-Other graduation when their current incarnation ends will not find life on a water world a step down. You would be surprised to find how pleasant and enticing such a world can be!

I am hoping for some detailed information about the area of Northern CA during the moment of the shift. It is said that most valley's will be inundated and that the mountains to the north may have some safe locations but if understand correctly no where under 750' will not be inundated. Will some areas higher than that still be inundated? What about the triple junction plate near Petrolia and the lost coast? In another vein, will there be any return to normalcy after the shift? Reestablishment of production/supply lines or use of fossil fuels? What about international travel? Also I read that the next time PX goes by the Annunaki will only see what appears to be a dead planet. Does that mean that Mother Earth will in fact perish? Will density change within an incarnation or will we just evolve between this and our next incarnation? I used to be so scared of what was to come, this did not help me. Now I in some ways feel lucky to be a witness. My biggest fear now is that my young son may somehow suffer and I wouldn't like that for him or any child. I only hope to have the resources materially and spiritually to make this shift.

The majority of California will end up above the flood in the Aftertime, though the rubble of what was formerly densely populated cities along the coastlines and in the lowlands of the central valley will not be habitable due to flooding as well as earthquake damage. The key to survival in the Aftertime in California is not merely escaping the high tides, which will wash over and around the coastal mountains because of the force of water from the compressing Pacific, but life afterwards. California is basically a desert region, turned green because of irrigation and piped water. This will stop. Be near a water source such as a stream, and be prepared to garden and farm. As with the rest of the planet, distribution of foods and supplies will stop. The electric grid will be down. The phones dead. Fossil fuels will cease to be pumped or refined or distributed and will in all likelihood be burned up during the shift, ruptured and burned. International travel will fall back to the days of Columbus. Those alive in human form when the Earth is ready for her leap to 4th density will move with the Earth, and scarcely notice the change.

Current winning model of economy and life is STS type - it works well and "market" rewards best STS individuals who are pioneers and leaders in their field. They keep constant focus and control on their STS activities. But at the end they deliver best service to the society and get paid for that. So its kind of mixture of STS -STO models. There were attempts in history to establish STO governments but that never worked well. For example in early days of USSR (1917-1942) successful STS individuals have been killed and that was done according Soviet party policy to liquidate all rich individuals who are against "Bolshevism" - STO ideas. Then only STO type of individuals should be remaining according the plan, but that type of rule has failed. Where from got this "bloody" ideas founders of "Communism"? Why there is such failure to deliver true and honest STO form of model for human society? Jesus did huge work trying to implement this as well as Buddha and Mohamed but at the end of the day that remains on spiritual level only?

Although one would find more Service-to-Self individuals running large corporations or in the seat of power in governments than in the general populace, it is not true that innovation and distribution of goods and services is done best by these individuals. In almost all cases, the inventor or inventing team have had their work product stolen from them, and those who make the company profitable are underpaid and work at the whim of a dictatorial boss or CEO. It is thus not true that society benefits from Service-to-Self activities, but the contrary. The common man would benefit more if those who are Service-to-Self in management merely refused to take such big salaries, and productivity would increase if the Service-to-Self management with their inconsiderate rules were eliminated. It is likewise true that those who are Service-to-Self prefer not to work and if allowed would be perpetually idle, while demanding more than their fair share. The reason communism did not work, and capitalism does not work, is not due to the overall philosophy but due to the Service-to-Self among you!

align="right" height="636" hspace="0" width="509">I've seen alot of questions relating to requests for more specific information regarding safe locations. I understand from ZetaTalk that Ohio fairs relatively well, especially eastward toward the Appalachian Mountains.I am asking about SW OH and how far up is the Ohio River expected to rise, along with how far in the Mississippi is likely to flow.

Of the major cities in Ohio - Columbus, Cincinnati, Toledo, and Cleveland - only Cleveland will find its elevation sufficient to prevent itself from being in the muck of floodlands in the Aftertimes. It is not a case of the waters topping over buildings, but if basements are hopelessly flooded and the building rotting because of this, they are not habitable. Thus the major population centers in Ohio will be looking for high ground, on the move and moving IN with those who live on high ground whether they have been invited or not. The Ohio River will not push water up into Ohio during the hour of the pole shift, thought the Ohio River will not drain efficiently for months, but in the Aftertime, the river will merely prove to be an outlet into a long bay into the greatly flooded Mississippi Valley. Thus, in essence, an ocean bay.

Pakistani plane crash that killed all 152 people on board the Airbus 321, belonging to private airline AirBlue, crashed on Wednesday into a steep and heavily-wooded hillside in Islamabad shortly before it was due to land after a flight from the southern port city of Karachi. What caused this crash? [and from another] Pakistani plane crashes, 152 dead [July 28] A Pakistani airliner carrying 152 people crashed in a ball of flames Wednesday into densely wooded hills outside Islamabad amid heavy rain and poor visibility, killing everyone on board. The plane was flying very low. Then a loud noise. Officials suggested the flight had been diverted due to bad weather, but it was unclear why the jet was flying so low and close to the Margalla Hills -- off the normal route for aircraft arriving from the southern city of Karachi. One pilot said that a Pakistan International Airlines flight from Karachi had been diverted to Lahore only half an hour before the Airblue plane crashed because of bad weather in Islamabad.

On the face, this looks like a case of a diverted plane, flying in unfamiliar territory, with poor visibility and perhaps in a terrain unfamiliar to the pilot. Open and shut case. But the evidence suggests that the pilot was flying too low, and were it not for poor visibility would have been alerted to that by his view from the cockpit. Were the instruments miscuing him? This has been an issue that pilots have increasingly had to deal with, where some of their instruments malfunction, so they need multple sources of information in order to puzzle out just what their altitude it, just where they are on the face of the Earth, and most certainly which way is north. This is hidden from the public because pilots who want to retain their jobs dare say nothing, and airlines are eager for the public to clamor aboard their unsafe planes to keep the revenue flowing.

The East Field ?? seems to me enough interesting, I think that it shows us approach of the Planet X - at East Field, near Alton Barnes. Reported 29 th July.
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Despite claims that this crop circle is fake, it is genuine. Thefts from cars and false donation boxes have inspired the cries of a fraud, in an attempt to keep people from a field not closely watched and clearly a trap for the unwary. What does the progression of overlapping orbs represent? It is a growth, in a day, not only of the encircling reach of the top orbs, but of the size of the orbs themselves. This pictorially represents what we have been trying to relay regarding the new Earth wobble, which we will now start called the Earth rattle. The Earth moves in several directions at once, or in quick succession, jerking back and forth to meet often conflicting directives from the frantic magnetic field of Earth which is likewise trying to meet quickly changing directives from the dominant magnetic field of Planet X. The encircling reach represents a change from where the Earth had been only moments before, so that the past affects the future. The Earth may be in the middle of her usual Figure 8 wobble pattern and suddenly get pushed into opposition, for instance. The force and frequency of this type of rattling of the Earth will continue to increase.

I have a question for the Zetas concerning the hosing of planet earth. When Planet X hoses the earth, will that be the cause of the 7 out of 10 event that you saw in your holographic movie in the fall?

Planet X has been hosing the Earth with magnetic particles, which is the primary reason for the Earth wobble, present since early 2004. As the magnetic N Pole of Earth comes over the horizon, it is pushed away, what we have called the polar lurch. This has gotten increasingly violent, thus the extremes in weather and tides. What will cause the 7 of 10 will be something additional. The closeness of Planet X has caused more than a press of magnetic particles from the N Pole of Planet X, it has forced the Earth to begin contorting to come into alignment with the magnetic field of Planet X in some way. Since the start of 2010, the Earth has at times been in a temporary lean to the left, falling to its side a bit. And lately, during July of 2010, it has even been moving into a position of opposition where the N Pole is pointed toward the Sun beyond what the seasons would dictate. We have described the end of the Serpentine Dance, so popular in crop circles. This slow steady daily roll, the well measured and recorded Figure 8 Earth wobble is now ending, to be replaced by something far more violent. In addition to this daily Figure 8, there will be erratic times when a sudden lean to the left or into opposition occurs, violent jerking around of the Earth. This has the effect of jerking the Earth plates against each other, so they move. It is this that will create the 7 of 10 scenarios.