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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written February 20, 2010 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

What is America's fascination w/ large families now and putting them on TV (18 kids and counting, Jon and Kate plus 8, Octomom, etc)? The one mother (18 kids and counting) "I'll have as many kids as the Lord gives me" and they're actually up to 19 kids now. Coincidently, they're also hyper-religious. It seems that in the coming times there's not going to be enough food for everybody and deciding to have extremely large families right now is kinda selfish. What's going on here?

Many industrialized countries are reaching a zero population growth curve, for instance Japan, Russia, and even the United States. Without immigrants the populations of these countries would shrink. This is an issue for governments who feel they must plan for the youth to care for the aged, whether physically or via financial support such as the Social Security system. Quite frankly, these shows featuring massive families who worship having children as though it were their religion are promoted by those in government who feel the population must be encouraged to have more children. Some countries, such as Japan, have tried to bribe young mothers to start their families, without much success. This is another approach.

This year, Siberia is awaiting a large flooding and in this connection and write to you, hoping to help my people living near Siberian rivers. What could you Zetas to advice to local governors (and rescue teams) of Siberia, to prevent flooding? My friend from local government of Tomsk city hard works on that, right now, and your message will forwarded to him fully, including this text. Your GLP-chat published answer would be much helpfull to all Siberians.

We have warned that during the hour of the pole shift there will be tidal waves rolling inland, so that one should plan on being 100 miles inland and 200 feet above today's sea level in order to avoid being overcome by these tides. At the coastline, the tides can be up to 500-600 feet high. Rivers will also backwash during such sloshing of the oceans, such that rivers will go over their banks, not being able to drain. This can cause immense flooding inland, beyond what is in the memory of man, so even inland the populations should anticipate being 200 feet above sea level. All this will subside within weeks of the pole shift but be replaced by an even larger horror. Within 2 years after the pole shift, the sea level will rise 675 feet above today's level, due to the swelling of the ocean floors from heat due to friction from the sliding crust. This will flood Siberia, almost entirely, so those who survived the high tides of the pole shift must take to boats, perhaps houseboat complexes, to migrate to higher land.

Just as clarification on an answer from last week's session. It involves the quarantine in between the Anunnaki and Earthlings. It was said that they are quarantined from interacting with each other. Does this mean visually as well? I can only surmise that the Anunnaki can see the Earth very clearly. Is NASA able to see their ships and some of their endeavors?

Yes, the Annunaki are aware of man's probes and shuttles. No, man is not allowed to see the Annunaki ships or settlements as the reason for the quarantine is so that man does not have inordinate fear that their old slave masters will return. Many souls on Earth recall those days, from their past lives.

What are the odd shapes at different angles showing up on SOHO images that look like laser beams, specifically these pictures:]

These are yet another example of Moon Swirl sightings, as is the String of Pearls phenomena. The L shape, sometimes with addition lines coming from the central point of juncture, is due to minor swirls stemming from a single large Moon. These swirls are within a charged dust cloud, and when the charge differs, they attempt to stand away from each other, as static will make your hair stand on end and separate.

Is this PX proper, one of its moons, or something different, in the movie It can be seen moving around:

The tail of Planet X is composed of dozens of moons the size of the Earth's Moon, much debris, and charged red dust. Depending upon the angle, sunlight can blaze off a portion of the dust cloud around a Moon Swirl, so it looks like a splash of light with a drifting tail. Or it can blaze off the individual moons in a swirl, each surrounding by its own dust cloud, so it appears as a String of Pearls. Or under close inspection, the individual moons may be visible.

Can the Zetas offer a current comment regarding the masking of PX now? (Simulating seasons, limited masking of PX sightings, etc.). This relates to the willingness of TPTB to be more open I understand but as the elite are driven by fear of people's reaction to the knowledge of PX whereas their real concern should be the rage that will be forthcoming at the cover up and its perpetrators. Do they not understand that the continued denial on their part serves to dig their graves deeper? This rigidity of thought will not serve them well in the end. The zetas continue to be reluctant to disclose certain issues and tend to carry on the concept of the white lie in many areas apart from the timeline of the shift. This statement is not meant as a criticism. There is benefit in many of these misdirections as someone who is aware of the greater chess games afoot can divine the long term greater good that will come about as a result of how the Zetas play this game, but individuals could benefit if selective messages are tempered by their own insight or interpretations from their guides. Are many of the statements by the Zetas meant to trigger individual meaning and revelations that are appropriate for each specific individual?

This is an extremely complicated situation but you are asking for simplistic resolutions. Give us the information, is your plea. We have stated, repeatedly, that the Awakening, to either the alien presence or the truth about Planet X and its pending passage, is paced. We have explained the Element of Doubt necessity re the alien presence, as many worlds which do not have this element present during their Awakening end up savaging those among them who are eager for contact. Your world is not far from the days when supposed witches were burned at the stake, and some members of the Christian religion are still calling aliens "demons" and suggesting that those who talk to aliens should be "stoned" to death. The issue with Planet X, as we have repeatedly explained, is that those in the establishment, with political power who fear the panic of the populace, would be inclined to mow down innocents in the street if the absolute knowledge of the pending passage were to be known before they are dislodged from power. What is starting to happen, and which is a trend that will escalate soon, is that those in power are retreating to their bunkers, leaving their jobs, to avoid this day. You are making your demands for the truth to be absolutely known because you want your personal comfort facilitated! Not because you are contemplating what this would do to the general welfare.

Given that the Zeta/human hybrids will replace humans on Earth in 100 years or so, would it be accurate to say that the human experiment has failed to fulfill the hopes of its master geneticists? Or, did the human experiment work during an earlier time, but it needs to be modified now to function well on the Earth of the future?.

Would you say that the early models of the telephone were a failure? They served during their time, as they were intended to do. 3rd density models are not sufficient for 4th density existence, as we explained in the Hybrids section. They were not a failure during 3rd density. Did we say that?

Since Zetas are in regular, conscious contact with discarnate beings, they must have an accurate sense of what life in non-physical form is like. Thus, do Zetas fear death like most humans do, or do Zetas consider death simply a different type of opportunity to learn and grow spiritually?

Death is merely the passage from one incarnation to another, and not a source of fear. We have explained that those humans who express a fear of death are actually stating that they fear the critique they are about to undergo with their Spirit Guides. If they failed to complete their mission, failed to resolve and learn their lesson so that a repeat will be necessary, then they are reluctant to die. Some Service-to-Self souls also fear death, or express a reluctance, if their current life has offered them a soft spot - wealth, power, good looks, and freedom from pain - and they know that the next incarnation is unlikely to be as advantageous.

A few saturdays ago it was said that close observation was being done to see if Nancy was going to be allowed more media attention. Can the Zeta's comment on how this is coming along?

There were no adverse reactions. Expect more exposure in the future!

Last chat I asked you about when PX entered our system and when it stopped. Your answer "in early 2003 it entered the solar system at a rapid pace" is obviously says me nothing because "early" is not a concrete date. Look:
1) During GLP session on 8.08.2009 you stated "Planet X was visible in the evening sky in late March, 2003, and then moved within Earth's orbit so it was lost in the glare of the Sun", and so we do not have CDD images after April 12.
2) But in the article "Planet X Distance Guide"
../teams/rogue/jdistanc.htm PX is calculated to be only near Jupiter in April 12.
3) And in the article "A Twirling Wobble" it is said that only around 15th May " Planet X was just coming into the inner solar system".
So, here is a contradiction of 3 statements and I would like you at least confirm the accurate date of when PX entered Pluto's orbit and then the Earth's orbit, because scanning ZT I collided with general phrases and such contradictions.

Your point 2) was written by a human, not by us. You are splitting hairs to say just when the glare of the Sun affected visibility - after April 12, around May 15, and this is petty. This will be the last such petty question from you that we will address. What on Earth are you doing with your time?

How many moons does PX have?

Dozens of large moons, and countless smaller moons. We do not take an inventory, as it is irrelevant.

The Zetas mentioned that getting a message in a person's subconscious is more effective than actually spelling it out to them. How exactly does that play out? For example, if a person knows the message in their conscious, then they will also know it in their subconscious. Basically, how does a person's subconscious lead the way? For example, I was thinking of a person who I haven't seen in almost a year, then a few days later, during a snow storm, I forget my wallet, forces me to a building where a friend works, stayed in the building because of the weather, stand in an awkward part, wait, and I see the person. Intuitively I feel like my subconscious made me forget my wallet on that particular day, because I guess an outside force knew it would play out that way, as appose if it didn't happen on a snowy day. Is that basically how the subconscious works? I've had the Zeta Talk Shamanism page open in my browser for 2 weeks, so it's a topic I'm very curious about.

The subconscious knows and remembers all. The conscious is very selective about what it wants to remember, and will diminish or remove a memory that is distressing. It is also possible for the conscious to segment, so it has no links between memory segments, which are after all only chemical roadways. This allows a distressed human to have multiple personalities or sides, a well known psychological phenomena of humans. We disconnect the conscious during visitations so the visit is recorded only in the subconscious. This is why contactees must build a bridge between their subconsious and conscious during recall. If someone has an intention, or a memory, that is in the subconscious, and the conscious is balking, then such actions are you describe can occur. Consciously, you told yourself that you did not desire to meet this friend again, but subconsciously, you very much desired this.

What's the Zetas take on the Dali Lama and his visit to the White House? His answers at the press conference were very fun to watch. He seemed wise and funny.

The Dali Lama is an old wise soul who knows what to expect from the political arena. He did not get more from his visit than he expected, but then this is seldom the result. He was also not disappointed and very much likes Obama. They have an understanding, but just what this is cannot be explained without revealing Obama's thinking, and as we have stated numerous times, he has asked us not to do this during these chats and we are honoring his request.

Would the Zetas care to comment on whether there is an awakening of contactees currently in progress?

Continually. Many contactees are what we have described as sleeper cells, deliberately not being consciously aware of their status as contactees until the time is such that they need to take action on their subconscious knowledge. This can be because conscious knowledge would threaten their job and the job is needed to support the family, or because they have small children and conscious knowledge would cause a rift in the marriage resulting in divorce. There are few contactees who can have full recall of their status and what they have learned during visitations that will not show this somehow during their daily life, if only by being more dreamy, less conscientious about earning a dollar, or less attentive to a spouse or boss. But as the Earth changes continue to bring clear evidence of the pending pasage into the conscious, contactees are making the switch.

What is the difference between soul to soul communication and telepathy, and when is one preferred over the other?

Clearly, telepathy is a brain wave based communication between physical minds, the brain, and soul-to-soul communication does not require a physical brain. The reasons for one method over another, or for face-to-face visits over mere telepathic conversations at a distance, is so varied that no general guide can be given.

Zeta's have said no exact dates for PX's passage but can they share when PX will be visible to the public's naked eyes?

Since we have stated that Planet X will be visible to all some 7.3 weeks before passage, the answer to your question is clearly no, a date will not be given. Please stop trying to game us into an answer as we resent this.

Why are things so quiet? Seems not much going on with the earth changes or in people's personal lives. Over past few weeks things seem to be at a lull for Zeta's response on the chat. Is this some kind of calm before the storm? I put out the Call last Fall and everything seem to be rocking and rolling. Meeting people of like mind, connections coming through, etc. But now since the xmas holiday and the shift to 2010, seems like it's all gone dead. The energy and movement being blocked at every turn. Is there a reason for this the Zetas can share? Have I personally been deemed somehow unworthy and need to accept the fact I will die without being of assistance?

Is this your reason for living? Excitement, and an active social interchange? This may be the complaint of a man now married who used to have a different babe to date every week. What happened to the energy and movement? The question you should be asking is what you have done with what you have been given? Obviously, you don't think in terms of your responsibility to take action or make things happen. Just being the center of attention. Grow up!

Many CEO's and government people around the world are quitting their jobs in the last month or two. Will there be other tell tale signs that something is happening?

If resignations are a clue that those who have heard the rumors and taken them seriously are preparing for a dash to their safe locations, then the actions of those in government or those who are wealthy should be watched for further clues. What is the reaction when disasters such as earthquakes or floods occur? Is the response limited, as though more such disasters are expected at any minute, or is it the traditional response with promises to rebuild everything? Are wealthy people found increasingly in mountain retreats, inland, where formerly at the beach?

Despite the gloomy future, it seems that love is beginning to bloom, like the Zetas said it would. Would they agree this is, indeed, happening?

Constantly. For the reasons we stated: "Love may have a blooming going into the shift, as it ought, those with great love in their hearts responding to the realization that little else matters".

The Zetas said a long while back that the Transformation was going better than expected. Still the same view today?

Our view has not changed.

The magnetosphere is acting up often. Even today, and it also occurred a few times that not only the south pole but also the north pole seems to be gone. The reason for the south pole missing has been explained already by the Zetas but could the Zetas share a light on why the north pole of the magnetosphere is also acting up. From 8 February Today

We have stated that Planet X dithers during his 270 roll, such that at times he points his N Pole more directly at Earth, at other times swinging away. Magnetic fields merge in different ways. When the S Pole of Earth seems to disappear, as we have explained, it is because the magnetons are being pulled to the S Pole of Planet X. This lack of returning magnetons is what is causing the radar circles in Austrlia, as we have explained. And when the Earth's magnetosphere is twisted, it is due to the magnetic field so joining that magnetons from Planet X wrap all the way around the Earth's magnetic field to enter into the Earth's S Pole. Until the Earth begins her severe wobble, there will be no way to determine timing by examination of the magnetosphere. The last weeks will begin when the Earth can no longer chase to the left, trying to avoid Planet X, so that Planet X appears in the sky to the right of the Sun with some regularity - Second Sun sightings. Until then, all is just the result of a dithering relationship between the two planetary magnetospheres.

Maxim magazine has written an expose' of the demise of Karl Rove's IT Guru. In it, he has referenced an anonymous hit man who provides documentation of the black ops. "It ends with the words: 'Connell was not NST' (national security threat)", as if in apology. Who ordered this hit? Rove would not have the authority for a Black Ops. If it was Cheney, why hasn't he just been outed as the dangerous criminal if it was his hand. Why doesn't it raise a lot of eyebrows in agencies if assassinations were/are condoned?

Cheney and Rove went off the books constantly, running black ops out of Cheney's office. Just follow the trail of dead bodies. The problem with black ops is that there is no solid proof by which to prosecute, which is why this route is used by the unscrupulous. But the flip side of this is that those who participated fear being eliminated to avoid an expose. This can, in fact, include Cheney himself, and Rove! There is no joy in this camp these days.

Recently a man who'd gotten fed up with the IRS crashed his plane into an IRS building in Austin. Was this man STO Or undecided and just frustrated? Or was he just another STS individual trying to create a body count for himself? Why did he do what he did?

Those who try to avoid paying taxes most often get caught, and with the fines and compounded interest the bill can be a blow. For those who hoped to avoid taxes altogether, this can enrage. He snapped, and committed suicide, which is anger turned inward.

I hit a mental road block when preparing for the shift, which leads me to think there must be more of an awakening to occur in the human conscious, otherwise, all I do is in vain. For instance, in my town, my neighbors, many of which are good of heart, won't even entertain a hint of what may be in our future. All these people, with small, children. Something big has to happen for them to get them motivated to do something to prepare. I am doing what small things I am able to do to prepare, and will share when the time comes, but if I understand ZT correctly, most places won't be able to return to gardening for years after the shift, and you can only live on weeds for so long. I just feel that unless something occurs in the mass consciousness, we will all starve in my town before more food can be grown. (same with most other towns). Seems to defeat the purpose of preparing unless there is a mass awakening of sorts, or something to get people motivated.

Certainly the last weeks will be an awakening. It is not true that gardening will be fruitless! Our statement was that commercial gardening endeavors would fail, almost consistently, but that carefully tended home gardens would not.

Do the Zetas foresee a major explosion of civil strife when Nibiru starts to show up as a large mass in the daytime sky, as George Herbert seemingly is afraid of? Will there be such a bloodletting as often is portrayed in Oahpse during the cyclic "return of the red star"? It would seem to be expected, as the strange sight of the dragon-like anomaly forces mankind to finally come to grips with what the zetas have been warning of. Many may feel a tremendous sense of betrayal, and consequently will want an outlet for their rage. If that occurs, what would be the difference between law enforcement trying to maintain law and order, and forcing the population to "shelter in place", not leaving their communities?

Though the establishment fears panic in the populace, rioting in the streets and looting, we have predicted otherwise. The common man lives in the main from paycheck to paycheck and will without other options plod faithfully in their jobs. Most will be in denial, despite the evidence or any announcements. Most will be in shock and not react. During the last weeks, when it cannot be denied, those who understood what was coming but had delayed going to safer locations because they did not want to give up creature comforts will of course attempt to dash to the hills. Any expectation that martial law will be imposed, effectively, is flawed because those who are to maintain martial law or an embargo will also be running for the hills, leaving their posts. Yes, if those in the establishment who knew what was coming and lied are discovered, unguarded, a lynching could occur. It is likewise true that opportunists might murder someone hated, though this takes place today during disasters, where the cause of death is not investigated closely. Most will be less enraged than stunned, or frantic to save themselves.

Is it possible that the realignment of funds from the huge banks to small local banks create a domino effect that could end the era of big banking, or will it have very little effect on them? [and from another] Americans fed up with the lack of financial reform and the behavior of big Wall Street banks are moving their money to smaller community banks and credit unions. Many are doing so as part Move Your Money, a project that encourages account holders to contribute to financial reform by depositing their funds into better-managed institutions.CNN profiled dissatisfied bank customers in a recent story titled "Take This Bank And Shove It." The customers who were profiled, quit their big banks for multiple reasons

Nothing will save the banking industry, which is held together by a prayer these days. We have stated that paper money, along with jewels and bonds and stocks, will be worthless during the Aftertime. Up until the last weeks, however, there will not be a total collapse of the dollar, though items will go up in price and you will not be able to sell your items for what you deem their worth, no buyers available.

The US Navy has a map of the United States showing areas that they think will be under water in the near future. How accurate is their map? How soon will these areas be under water?

If you want an accurate map, check the ZetaTalk website for the New Geography after the pole shift and land above water within two years after the pole shift.

An AP article titled "Beleaguered US to blow up its chemical stockpiles" appeared on Yahoo News (Feb 19, 2010). It seems that "Iran, Cuba and other US adversaries" are putting pressure on the US to meet treaty obligations to destroy chemicals. "The State Department acknowledges foreign pressure to show progress played a role." According to this report, over many years 90% has been destroyed, mostly by neutralizing them and then taking them to a hazardous waste dump. This process is supposed to be a relatively safe way to dispose of the many deadly chemicals. Now, the Army wants to use explosives to destroy some of these old weapons. People in the two areas where this is supposed to happen (Colorado and Kentucky) are understandably worried. What's happening behind the scenes that would cause the Army to change its tactics? Why does it take so long to dispose of these chemicals?

Disposing of pollutants, including old weapons, is never popular. Everyone has the attitude that it should not take place in their back yard. Congress bickers, and moving sites around is used for political purposes, for bribery or punishment. Any sense of urgency is due to the realization among those at high levels that such weapon deposits could fall into the wrong hands during the chaos of the pole shift. They may be old, but they are not useless!

Here in Ohio my husband and I have been awakened in the early morning feeling the bed shaking. This morning at about 6:30am and a day last week around the same time. These are the most recent occurances. Yet, nothing is posted on the USGS charts for our area. Can the Zeta's comment that Ohio is having these earthquake shutters?

Such shuddering does not register on seismographs because the whole region is moving, as though in a bowl of jelly. This is equivalent to the whole bed being moved, so you shake, where an earthquake would be equivalent to the mattress falling into two pieces, so you fall to the floor with a single jolt. Nevertheless, this is symptomatic of the tugging and pushing that the Earth is experiencing daily, due to Planet X. 6:30 am your time in Ohio is noon or so Greenwich time, when the Sun and Planet X are positioned over the magnetized Atlantic Rift. This is a pattern long present, since Planet X came into the inner solar system in 2003.