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ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written September 12, 2009 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.

Assume somebody would like to be an STO entity very much, but de facto he is still undecided. I would know what makes people still undecided? I mean, what deters people from being an STO entity? What is the main obstacle? Not enough incarnations? Not enough belief? Too much fear? What?

Empathy is something many animals feel for their own species, as this enhances the preservation of the species. Protecting others in the family group or herd or pack or pride is instinct, again allowing the preservation of the species. But in an entity that has enough intelligence to realize it is separate from others, to be conscious of this fact (a requirement for the entity to be capable of sparking a soul), empathy transcends instinct and becomes a conscious desire to help others. Alternatively, it can be ignored as the entity can have a conscious desire to preserve itself, to be self centered and self protective. These choices are made thousands of times during a single incarnation, and on average a thousand incarnations are required to reach the point where the entity is either Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self, consciously. Fear tends to push one into the Service-to-Self orientation, but in almost all situations fear is not a factor. Should one share one's food or hoard, for instance, most often does not involve fear. During the young soul's incarnations, there is a drift in one direction or another.

Which society is more STO oriented - Asian or European?

Neither culture cultivates Service-to-Other more than the other. These are individual decisions, not culture based. In a harsh environment, in fact, Service-to-Other leanings may increase out of horror at what others must endure. But likewise Service-to-Self inclinations might increase in a harsh environment, as the entity sees by example what brutality can accomplish. A society that shares goods and has plenty likewise can influence Service-to-Other tendencies as generosity is presented as a role model, but likewise Service-to-Self tendencies can increase as those who are Service-to-Self will be spoiled and encouraged to dote on themselves.

I have read information on your webpage. You claim, the earth will lean to the left before the pole shift and the sun will rise in the west. But sunrise in the west is not possible, even if the earth would stand upside down. Therefore the earth will have to stop first and begin to rotate in the opposite direction. So there is something wrong with this information. Look at this picture for example. Here stands the earth upside down, but people in Florida could see the sunrise still before it could do people in California.

You are incorrect and not thinking this through, but confusion is understandable. Nancy has reviewed our ZetaTalk on this matter and there is a missing piece of the puzzle, which we are giving you today. You are correct that the Earth continues to rotate in the direction it does today. When the globe is tipped almost upside down, and turning in the same manner as today, land is still moving from what was formerly west to what was formerly east. Sunrise west occurs just after the lean to the left with the globe then sliding its N Pole away from the Sun into the 3 days of darkness. These steps occur because Planet X is approaching from the right, in its retrograde orbit. Even during the 3 days of darkness and days following when the Earth is trying to right itself from being almost upside down, the N Pole is thus still leaning somewhat to the left, avoiding the approaching N Pole of Planet X. The time when the Earth is almost upside down is very brief, not even the span of a day, with the remainder of the 6 days of sunrise west occurring when the Earth is righting itself from the position it was in during the 3 days of darkness. Thus, the N Pole of Earth is pointing north more than south during these 6 days. These gyrations of Earth occur as the Earth is rolling with Planet X during its 270° roll, in which it moves from having its N Pole nosed into the S Pole of the Sun to pointing its N Pole outward toward Earth (a total 180° turn) and then standing upright with its N Pole up S Pole up [Note assumption by Nancy corrected] (the remaining 90°). Planet X has been doing the first part of the 270° roll for some years now, ever since it passed the S Pole of the Sun in 2004 and began moving outbound.

The last weeks begin because Planet X moves to station itself almost directly between the Earth and Sun. Before that point the Earth merely has a wobble, allowing its N Pole to be pushed away daily. But as Planet X moves between the Earth and Sun, the Earth comes into the grip of Planet X completely. During the last weeks, the Earth changes from being in an end-to-end alignment with Planet X to being in a side-by-side alignment. It is during the end-to-end alignment, when Planet X is pointing its N Pole directly at the Earth, that the lean to the left and 3 days of darkness occur. But as Planet X continues in its retrograde orbit, its N Pole is no longer coming from the right, but is located to the left of the Earth, and the Earth adjusts by slinging its N Pole to the right. Thus, during the 6 days of sunrise west, the Earth still has its N Pole tipped away from the Sun and the approaching Planet X, but rather than a lean to the left, it has a lean to the right. It is at this point that the Earth switches from being in an end-to-end alignment to being in a side-by-side alignment with Planet X. When Planet X is just at the Ecliptic, it stands upright in alignment with the Sun, the dominant magnet in the solar system. As it switches from pointing its N Pole at Earth, as it had during the many years of the wobble, to completing its 270° roll and pointing its N Pole upward, N Pole upward S Pole upward [Note assumption by Nancy corrected] the Earth follows suit. It is then that the Earth is drawn closer to Planet X, so that only 14 million miles separates them. It is then that the Earth slows in her rotation to a stop, for the week of rotation stoppage.

In the Revelation you can read about a holy city, New Jerusalem, which is placed on a big mountain and which will appear after or during the apocalypses period. Where is this mountain and when we will be able to see the golden city?

We stopped doing Bible interpretations long ago, as it is a waste of time to keep telling people that God did not write this book, nor did Jesus. It is speculation or lies to keep control of the faithful, whom the religious elite feed upon.

You have mentioned after the pole shift lots of volcanoes will erupt. I've found a very good global map of volcanoes on the Smithsonian Institute Global Volcano Program website. You can find there every volcano in the world. I've checked my country there and discovered few old inactive volcanoes. And my question is, will even the very old and inactive volcanoes erupt?

Our statement has been that as a general guide, one can assume that if a volcano has been active in the last 10,000 years, it is a candidate for eruption during the coming pole shift.

Can the zetas comment on the water main breaks in Los Angeles and the cracked bridge in SF?

There was a spate of water main breaks in LA and the San Diego area recently. There were multiple breaks in both locations, almost simultaneously. There has also been a rotten cabbage smell in San Francisco as well as a new crack on the bridge to Oakland that had a collapsed section during the quake in 1989, and which was thoroughly inspected afterwards. Nancy is in fact featuring all this in her newsletter tomorrow, so check the archives later re this. We have repeatedly mentioned the bow stress that the N American continent is under, where the Aleutians and the tip of Mexico are forced toward each other while the continent is held rigid by its flat top. The stress is showing.

Fox news seems to be pushing gloom and doom (financial, earth changes, etc...) a bit more these days. Is this due to a desire on their part to give the Obama admin a hard time?

Yes. Enough time has passed since the Bush administration left, so they feel their comments will not be associated with the administration that CAUSED the mess in the first place. But the public does not forget that easily.

Still no punishment on the horizon for the 911 murderers after 8 years? Truth agendas seem to be heating up ...

The JFK conspiracy has been alive and well since JFK was assassinated by the CIA, and there will be no revelations on this matter either. The excuse given for these types of cover-ups is that the public cannot handle the truth, would panic or be so disenchanted that they would fail to support the government, fail to pay taxes and the like. Thus, the guilty escape punishment.

What exactly does channeled info mean - that they're talking to the inner plains?

Nancy is in a telepathic conversation with us, and this is not a channeled conversation. Channeling is understood to be where the human body is vacated by the soul incarnating it, and allowed to be possessed temporarily with another soul or group of souls. These temporary incarnations allow the soul or group of souls to utilize the human body's memory and facilities such as vocabulary and language skills or on occasion musical or mechanical skills. This is a simplistic explanation, as most often the incarnating soul does not leave at all but steps aside, so to speak, allowing another to influence the body. The incarnating soul is a participant, thus - part of the team.

I had two remarkable contacts lately through the internet, one with an elf and one with a mermaid. Why do these creatures exist in this world in such a secrecy although they live among us?

They don't. You're a fool.

Our scientists counted repeatedly that about 80 - 90 % of those, who claim they ran across UFO or aliens' observations, have mental violations or great imagination or just want to attract attention. Is it right, that only less than 10 % of "UFO observers are mentally normal? Another percents our scientists counted, when tried to track true UFO observations. Modern ufologists and also UFO-sceptics state that 90 - 98 % of all cases can be explained as "usual phenomenon", and all the rest are still remain unexplained. Are these calculations right?

If I say that 80-90% of scientists are mental cases, would that make it so?

Hello to all of the Kursk! Interested in the question: They say that man is by force of will can do everything, but he can not do something very global (like the Earth to move), and whether there is a limit to the power of the will and ability of man?

Who is "they" and why should you believe them? If you want to believe what "they" say, make them prove it. It would be easily done. Just have one of "them" sit down and with a force of will and do something that they claim can be done! Don't ask us to comment on nonsense that can be proven or disproven easily!

Recently scientists found out so to say "gene of religiousness" - it means that some people genetically are more inclined to be religious, than others. How can you comment that? The same Q is about recently found "gene of altruism" - how can one who have such gene well developed, became more STS? Does this gene change in this case?

Certainly genetics plays a part in the person's ability to be courageous or have a tendency to be fearful, and these tendencies would incline a person to be insecure, thus cling to religion as a savior or for salvation. If the person were not fearful, they might be inclined to be altruistic, forgiving of others, rather then vengeful. Souls are given the opportunity to be incarnated in both types of human bodies during their learning experience, so the souls are not unduly influenced by genetic tendencies, just as they are given the opportunity to be born into poverty or wealth, disability or physical beauty and prowess, and mental retardation or high intelligence.

I was watching Bob Dean at exopolitics summit barcelona reveal photos for Apollo mission of UFOs near the moon and a ET base on mars and a UFO in the rings of Saturn are these true photographs?

Yes, in the main. The Apollo missions recorded many UFO's which swarmed around the shuttles like mosquitoes. That the Annunaki were on Mars is something we have commented about repeatedly and from the start of the ZetaTalk saga. There is no reason, however, for a UFO to try to hide in the rings of Saturn, as this would be problematic as a 3rd Density port. Space is more convenient.

Could the Zetas please comment on the phenomenon known as "compassion fatigue"? In these months before the pole shift and in the Aftertime, many individuals might become afflicted by this puzzling ailment. In fact, I am already suffering from it. I have done social-welfare work for almost 25 years, having felt called to offer myself in service. For many years, I was motivated, empathetic, energetic, and optimistic. However, in the past few years, I have at times felt disillusioned, depressed, confused, exhausted, and even angry. Also, my physical health has suffered. I have honestly considered giving up and isolating myself from the never-ending problems, creating a life where I am the only one to worry about. So, the question for the Zetas is: how do those of us suffering from compassion fatigue get back on track in time to be of service in the upcoming tumultuous era?

We have often stated that to be Service-to-Others means that the entity considers others as often as the self. This means the self is considered, and not just when the self becomes so exhausted that it is at the point of a physical and emotional breakdown. What do you suppose an emergency room team does when they have been without sleep for days, literally? What do you supposed those tending public hospitals in New Orleans did when the flood waters were rising and terminal patients were clearly not going to be rescued by the authorities? Did they allow themselves to drown with these patients? They saved themselves, considering that they would be of service in the future. If you have allowed yourself to become fatigued, then you engaged too much and did not consider yourself as important. Fix this, and you will find your motivation returning.

In last week's GLP Live Chat, the Zetas asserted that, "If you are concerned about yourself in your Call, this is a Service-to-Self Call, no matter how you might wrap your desires." This statement was in reply to a question about praying for healing for oneself. In other words, the Zetas seemed to be saying that when one prays for wholeness for oneself, the Call is given to Service-to-Self entities even if this is not the intent. As a personal example, my prayers in recent months have focused on my own spiritual, emotional, and physical healing rather than on healing the world, though I certainly still do pray that love, forgiveness, and harmony prevail in the world. Am I giving the Call to Service-to-Self entities?

The exact nature of any given Call is difficult to address on a chat board. One can state that the Call was about the ability to help others, when in truth, in the heart of the person giving the Call, it is all about enhancing the person's status or power base. Likewise, a person can think their Call was about themselves, when their heart was filled with worry about others dependent upon them. Thus, this question cannot be simply answered in a chat without being personal counseling, which we do not do.

The Zetas have stated many times they can easily read human souls, auras, thoughts - no secrets for them. Could they describe in simple human terms what do they actually see, when they see the "soul" or the "entity". How do they perform a soul-to-soul contact?

This is a mere curiosity question, thus we will in the main decline to answer. Reading the minds of humans is a matter of telepathy, which is a known phenomena and well studied by your governments and often experienced by humans. The animal kingdom is obviously telepathic, tuning into each other's brain waves as pets do to their owners. We see auras where most humans do not. This is also a known phenomena as those humans who can see them describe the colors and appearance. Soul to soul contact is likewise not a mystery to those who have experienced this, meet another whom they feel almost instantly they knew in the past, and adjust this to be a soul contact with the others. This is something the soul does, and thus is not something the human body or mind can comprehend, nor does it need to.

We may be on the cusp of a banking change that will see most of the worlds currencies go to being gold or silver backed. The US dollar (federal reserve note) is to be exchanged one for one for the new gold backed dollars (printed by the US treasury as the constitution dictates). Can the Zeta's comment on whether or not this may come about?

Not before the pole shift, and after the shift it will not matter as money will be worthless, as will precious metals.

This website has a rather long blog about a small group of guys who supposedly went searching some cave and decided to dig a small opening and crawl inside to explore and had some strange experiances like strange screams and moving bolders and herioglyphics on the deep inner parts of the cave. The blog ended years ago and never finished. I was wondering was this just a silly hoax or did something really happen to these guys? It has been mentioned before that mankind is not alone in 3rd Density as we have the MIB , 4th Density STS, Bigfoot and the reptile/amphibion races coexsisting with only the MIB not quarantined so I was wondering if they could elaborate any insight on this. [and from another] I have seen her square off with dogs twice her size, but now she acted as if Satan himself was lurking in the darkness.

Service-to-Self aliens who are often burrowed in the Earth are not in 4th Density, as we have explained, but in 3rd Density, as they do not handle density shifting well, not being able to work as a team well, and often destroy themselves and their equipment in the process, ala the movie The Fly. Thus, their masters force them to stay in 3rd Density where they are available to respond to Service-to-Self calls for contact and to manage their dogs such as the Chupacabra and Brujas of Monterrey. This is what was encountered, and the postings ceased because the posters were frightened and wanted to avoid calling attention to themselves.

I've been obssessed with Gandhi my life. Can you comment on the clues on how to figure out if one is a Star Child?

If one is a Star Child, one is aware of this fact.

What is going on in the Mediterranean area. Torrential rainfall in Northwestern Turkey and parts of Greece. And why was the temperature in Europe in most parts above and around average, while Europe is also in the Northern Hemisphere. Does this have something to do with the fact that the wobble occurs when the sun is above America? Or is there another factor?

When Europe is facing the Sun, the magnetic N Pole of Earth is hidden beyond the horizon. Thus, the globe is allowed to bounce forward, with the northern hemisphere leaning toward the Sun. It is when the Sun is over the Americas that the push of the magnetic N Pole of Earth occurs, creating the irregular high tides along the eastern seaboard and the large algae blob that floated all the way to the Arctic up along the West Coast. We have stated that an increase in weather irregularities would continue, due to the atmospheric turmoil caused by the wobble. The atmosphere is shared by all the world, and thus there is an impact even in those areas not experiencing a violent wobble.

The Zetas have stated there is no growth for the human soul without long, painful incarnations. Why is it so difficult to learn to act STO and love others while remaining in the Spirit World?

When the soul is incarnated, it experiences physical and emotional pain, despair and hopelessness, while in disincarnate form this would only be an intellectual observation.

Would the zeta's agree that while free will is what makes us human. And it's a wonderful thing, that it could quite possibly be the great flaw in the grand design.

We cannot speak to God's plan, as we don't understand it any more than you do.

I suppose what I am curious about is we have to choose right, that seems to be a theme within ZetaTalk. Choose to be STS or STO etc. Does this choice come into play on a sub conscious level at any point in regards to the dark forces that seem to be pulling the threads on this planet. For example, in order to be programed or harmed we have to give our permission, on some level. That's why they call TV program's programs. For give the ramble I am not sure how to express this question, I can hear it in my head but am having a difficult time translating it onto the page.

You are stating, in your question, that the decision to become Service-to-Other or Service-to-Self is programmed into a person, but this is not correct. It is a choice, and in fact hundreds of thousands if not millions of choices. Yes, this is subconscious in the main, but eventually the spirit becomes aware of the choices they are making and this is a conscious choice.

Lately Billy Meier has released information about 2012, saying "Besides all this, the year 2012 brings other unpleasant events, like e.g. an unknown, invisible, dark and huge space wanderer that is threatening from the fringe of our solar system and could wreak tremendous havoc regarding Earth." Is he still being a real contactee now?

Billy Meier is a genuine contactee, as we have explained, but could not give up the stage and enhanced his claims. He is getting some information about Planet X, but is not interpreting this correctly, so should not be taken as a truth teller.

The Zetas often stress the importance of "Empathy" and the need to cultivate the empathetic love of others. The term "empathogen" is often used to describe MDMA and other closely related phenethylamine "empathy drugs", substances that generate a sense of "touching within" or "produce a feeling in one's innermost being". MDMA can promote an extraordinary clarity of introspective self-insight, together with a deep love of self and a no less emotionally intense empathetic love of others. Could these substances really help to become a little more STO?

No. Drugs are not a shortcut.

Warm greetings from South East Asia. Is it possible to have a STO immature soul? Or are immature souls more STS generally?

There are gradations in both orientations. Service-to-Self is in and of itself immature, as the soul does not want to give up its primary or original stance, that being like a newborn baby, just focused on the self. Service-to-Others is sharing the focus with others. There are highly Service-to-Others entities and those who parse out their attention to others sparingly. The rule is that if the soul thinks of others 50% of the time, they are Service-to-Others.

When the ZetaTalk says 'on a subconscious level', does it mean on a soul level? E.g. the contacts are being made on a subconscious basis.

The human brain has both a subconscious and a conscious. The soul speaks to both. The conscious is only partially aware of what the subconscious knows, as it wants to be politically correct and exclude messy matters. The subconscious and conscious, being brain matter, are only aware of what the soul knows when the soul desires to share information with them. Since the subconscious knows and remembers all that the human body experiences, it of course is fully aware of what the soul has shared, where the conscious might be selective on what it chooses to include in conscious memory.

Some personal quirks like mysophobia, is it more related to the soul incarnated? Or is it something the conscious mind (as opposed to the soul) develops throughout its life?

The soul does not have phobias, though might have reluctance to engage in certain situations where it has had problems in the past. For instance, it may have difficulty with confrontations, standing up to strong personalities, and want to avoid such confrontations during an incarnation. The soul's reluctance is related to interpersonal relationships, thus, not physical phobias which cannot affect the soul. The soul does not want to fail in its mission, and if it fears it has a weakness, may try to avoid those situations that may cause it to fail.

If the earth is wobbling why don't I lose my satellite TV signal since the satellite orbits the center of mass of the earth and would not follow a wobble?

The atmosphere drags with the Earth in the main, though not completely. Satellite signals do not require an exact connection but a range, in any case. Breaks in the connection are an increasing problem, which those providing satellite service will confirm, however.

Chinese government scientists who were observing the latest solar eclipse captured something other than the intended celestial event on camera. The group of scientists claim to have seen a UFO traveling across the sky, filming its course for forty minutes. The UFO world is abuzz at this latest claim. The observation took place at the Purple Mountain Observatory in Nanjing, China. Several news sources are reporting that students in the area also reported seeing the strange object moving across the sky. The reported event took place on July 22 of this year. Since then, scientists at the observatory have been studying the video before speculating openly on what the object actually is. The observatory's director says such a process will take at least one year to complete. Recently there has been an explosion of UFO sightings in China. One notable event was when some students in Deqing captured a UFO on video. They released the footage to the Chinese media, who aired it nationally. The object in the film seems to change shape as it moves across the sky.

We stated that there may be surprises during an eclipse, not quite what the authorities expect. This is an example. Cover-ups, over the alien presence or of the presence of Planet X, can be tripped up during such events, which the public cannot be dissuaded from watching.

With rising ocean levels, Bangladesh- is in serious trouble. Is this level 6.5?

Bangladesh has been in trouble since the beginning, since it is lowland subject to inundation during storms or heavy rainfall. With the Indo-Australian plate being pushed under the Himalayas, all of India is being pushed below sea level, steadily. Bangladesh will be the first to suffer. However, this does not change the overall rating for the status of the Earth changes prior to the pole shift, the 6 of 10 rating. This is a local issue only, for Bangladesh.

Would the zetas care to comment on the Bigfoot seen and picutred this past week in a Kentucky garden? I can't attach the site from the Rense program. Sorry!

Since Bigfoot is quarantined, there will be no photos of Bigfoot that develop. This is your answer on authenticity.

Greetings from Colombia, South America. Can the Zetas comment about the military bases US Government are going to use in Colombia with their authorization and the reactions this agreement between this two countries are producing in Venezuela, Ecuador etc. Are any secret agendas here, what do they want, etc.?

The Bush administration was intent upon invading S American lands due to the personal ambitions of the Bush family to have influence there. They envisioned themselves as being in control of both Americas after the pole shift. This has all fallen by the wayside lately, but the worry about Venezuela's alliances with Russia and Cuba and Iran have remained. This is a worry that the US military has, primarily. Venezuela and Ecuador are not going to fall or be subject to a coup, although there are those planning such matters, because the White House is not on board with such plans.

During Obama's speech on healthcare a Republican senator, Wilson, disrupted his speech with "You lie!". What was this person trying to achieve? It appears to have backfired. What might be the consequences of this?

This representative virtually lives on funds from the health care lobby, and has refreshed his coffers since his outburst. His motive is strictly financial!

Are Israel's plan for greater Jerusalem - 500 settlements - going to succeed?

Israel will be distressed long before the last weeks arrive, as the Earth changes will require each country to focus on its populace. This includes Israel's allies, such as the US and European countries. Aid will stop, the US military will bring its troops home to help on the home front, and Israel will find the Arab nations reacting with more than quiet rage during their attempts to take land from their neighbors. During the last weeks, there will often be revenge, though we have predicted that both Arab and Israeli will cooperate in the Aftertime, forgetting what their politicians inflicted on both cultures.

Say there are two best friends, one's next incarnation is an octopi, the other's next incarnation is a hybrid. Will the souls of the two friends remain in "eternal contact" with each other? Do souls rendevous with each other after their bodies physically die?

This is possible, yes. The Spirit Guides can arrange such meetings if both desire it.