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ZetaTalk: Why May 15?
written Oct 17, 2003

As will be noted on the constellation lineup that Nancy has provided, May 15 was a date when the elite, the establishment in power worldwide that controls not only the ebb and flow of finances to countries and corporations but also controls who survives in politics, could be fooled. As was stated on Sep 21 when it became clear that they continue to drive blind, a body coming into the solar system and positioning itself near the Sun is difficult to view, from Earth, and requires triangulation of probes sent out to points afar. They did not have this view going into May 15, and have not had it since, as all their probes met with accidents arranged by us or our brethren. We chose May 15 because leading into that date, as can be seen by the constellation backdrop to the Sun leading into that date and in the two months following, the path of Planet X would be so close to the Sun that it would be difficult to determine if it was behind, beside, or in front of the Sun. This may seem astonishing to those accustomed to thinking that the whereabouts of stars and planets are always precisely known, but Planet X presents itself as many ghosts, the bending red light rays presenting personas afar from the actual corpus, the extensive dust clouds and numerous moon swirls often coalescing into what appears to be a body, so that visual identification of the corpus is difficult. They required infrared, an identification of heat source, and on August 25 lofted a probe so armed, but this quickly met with failure too. If a recent attempt to nuke Planet X into a sharper orbit, to send it on a sharper retrograde orbit so that a clash with Earth, now so eminent, could be avoided, was hampered by the lack of precision on location, where were they on May 15?

As has been explained previously, all ZetaTalk information keyed to the May 15 date was part of the White Lie. This included the 7.3 weeks of naked eye visibility leading up to that date, so that when naked eye viewing of a red light fading in and out at our coordinates became visible in very late March, this brought weight to the May 15 date. All was designed to fool the establishment. We avoided, scrupulously, any efforts during the Spring of 2003 to pin us down to distance, allowing humans to speculate on the distance from Earth instead. We also refused to address the exact speed of Planet X, preferring to talk in general terms, stating it was a rapid approach to the outer edges of the solar system, and much slower when approaching the Sun due to the Repulsion Force effect. Nancy has pointed out several clues that May 15 was not and could not have been the date, in that we have stated in ZetaTalk that Planet X would dive 32° below the Ecliptic prior to passage and at May 15, 2003 our coordinates had only dropped to 7° below the Ecliptic. We also stated firmly in Nov, 2001, that no date would be given as it would allow the establishment to mistreat the populace.

However, in that something was in view, approaching, going into May 15, and rapidly increasing in size, the NASA crew braced for a rapid rotation slowdown and subsequent passage, and had their probes armed with nuclear material at the ready, for that week. Did they attempt to nuke it into a different path that week? Yes. What they found, of course, was no Planet X in the vicinity, so the nukes were diverted into outer space, harmless in any case as a signal from Earth was required to ignite them, even should they some day fall to Earth. Any concern about a flash seen from Earth was to be handled by Martial Law, as operation TOPOFF was in full effect, and was followed by a lingering level Orange alert, allowing Homeland Security to go to level Red at a moments notice. This showed their hand, their intentions, to imprison the populace in their homes, not inform them, and prevent them from migrating to safety as this would inconvenience the elite in their personal preparations. Had any other date been given, say March 15, or July 15, the approach of Planet X would have been discernible, our White Lie disproved, as the angle from Earth would have allowed motion to be detected across the skies, rather than a direct head-on approach which disguised the distance. Following May 15 the confusion continued, as Planet X was rapidly zooming in from the outer edges of the solar system at that time, zooming up to the Sun, diving 32° below and swinging retrograde around the Sun as it passed, thence rising to the Ecliptic after the pass. Why did it appear next to the Sun during all this time? The very bendable red light rays from Planet X head toward the greatest gravity draw, which is the Sun, and only those rays diverted toward Earth during this bending path show up on photos or are received, naked eye, by the viewer. Thus, it appeared to be close to the Sun, when it was not.