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ZetaTalk: Things vs People
written June 27, 2004

I will present the question in logical stages. The Earth is a School for us to learn to become STOs and other lessons. The Zetas and Council of Worlds does not generally interfere so we can learn our lessons by ourselves. The date is not being given so that the establishment can not impose martial law, give everyone a fair shake in surviving. Then what about this? The Zetas and Council have admitted that they have Intervened for us, moving Venus, preventing another 911, no planting of WMD in Iraq, etc. Why canít they just prevent the specific people involved from doing the damage? There are only a few that can impose martial law and start the ball rolling. In this way, we all can learn about what is to come.

In a spiritual learning house, a schoolhouse for emerging souls, the prime directive is non-interference. This places a wealth of spontaneous experiences before the emerging souls, who develop empathy by being subject to various painful situations. Empathy simply does not exist if a spirit has not been there, in its past. There is no need to list the situations mankind or any life form finds distressing, as the list is something that every incarnated soul struggling through a life is acutely aware of. Living with physical pain, dread or terror or abandonment and uncertainty, loss of a child or spouse, sudden setbacks, ridicule and expulsion from a group, the list is almost endless. At a certain point in the young souls development, birthing guides become involved to help shape the circumstances of the next incarnation, so the setting is one which will maximize opportunities for learning for this particular entity. The young soul might be placed into a starving country, or a place of wealth and power, into a body stricken with genetic disease or into a body capable of intimidating others. Nevertheless, the rule is non-interference with the incarnation, so the lessons to be learned stick as they are not theoretical, but very real to both the incarnated life form and the spirit within. A lesson well learned.

At a certain point in the progress of a world developing emerging souls, it on occasion becomes necessary to interfere further with circumstances, to maintain a proper balance for the first lesson that young souls are to learn, which results in their decision to be either Service-to-Others or Service-to-Self. A young soul in a constant state of fear struggles to get past this to the point of empathy, which is something the Service-to-Self masters, visiting the schoolhouse and waiting to be called as advisers, know. Thus, brutal intimidation, without any apparent hope of changing the situation, is something the Service-to-Self try to achieve in a developing world, but something the Council of Worlds prevents. A balanced situation, where action can result in change for the better, so a young soul can perceive the result of their efforts to change a painful situation for others, is desired, and thus circumstances are manipulated in the schoolhouse to arrange for this. Likewise, a young soul leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation would find in a vicious dictatorship over other young souls a false setting for the world they are heading toward. In the Service-to-Self worlds, all are solidly Service-to-Self, and not easily dominated. Thus, in a balanced schoolhouse, the Service-to-Self gang does not invariably win, and when the gang turns on each other, viciously, the true nature of living the Service-to-Self life style is learned.

In all these exceptions with the Rule of Non-Interference, manipulation is done to things, not the incarnated human or life form, and thus does not interfere with the setting the emerging young soul can control. The decisions by the entity, expressed into action by the incarnated human, are not interfered with, thus. In the current setting, where Martial Law is greatly desired by those wanting to sculpt the surviving populace, to give them the key ingredient they need, a firm date for rotation stoppage, would not prevent Martial Law. To do so would require not only the hundreds planning the murder of hundreds of millions by poisoning cities and blocking escape, but the thousands they control by edict, those under their command. Thus, a cascade of interference, not with things, the circumstances, but with people, not allowed to function as a self choice entity, would result. For those impatient with this situation, we would suggest that those preventing an announcement of a firm date may be countered by circumstances, overwhelmed by Earth changes and exposes, but that day has not yet arrived.