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ZetaTalk: Moving Planets
written June 13, 2004

If the Zetas claim they moved Venus to fool the public on Earth, why do they not move Earth beyond the reach of Planet X? Why provide even more reasons for the public to not take the message of a poleshift seriously?

We have stated, early in ZetaTalk history, that the Council of Worlds considers a pole shift in the same category as tornadoes or hurricanes or exploding volcanoes or starvation or disease epidemics, as an opportunity for mankind to grow spiritually and help each other. The Earth is, after all, your schoolhouse, and this is the lesson on your plate.

Contrast these instances of interference with normal life on Earth, where man is able to effect change by taking action. Even in the face of a tornado or exploding volcano, there are choices to offer aid to others, put oneself at risk, or behave in a self centered manner. The Golden Rule can be applied or not, and these are spiritual choices. This is also the case with a pole shift, certainly not the first time for Earth or man, always an opportunity to make spiritual choices to assist and aid others or not. Thus, no different, in the view of the Council, from starvation in Chad, immigration restrictions in Australia, unmitigated greed on Wall Street, or the brutality of the oil grab in Iraq. Man, in the main, is doing poorly in handling the coming pole shift. The elite are informed, the common man denied the facts. The wealthy elite, self centered and greedy, who rule the world by virtue of the great clout their wealth wields, are concerned only so that their worker class can survive intact to serve them in the future. This is considered an unbalanced situation, by the Council.

Thus, just as weapons of mass destruction were removed from Iraq as quickly as they were planted by the Coalition, and just as terrorism attacks against the continental United States were Thwarted repeatedly to suppress Martial Law from being invoked, the Council moved to prevent the cracking cover-up from returning to rigidity. Had tens of thousands of amateur astronomers not seen Venus transit, after the loud announcement that this would occur, and had these amateurs made demands upon the establishment, doors would have slammed and resistance to open discussions would have increased. For those who say that the Venus transit, or the Venus appearance, a more accurate phrase, detracts from the validity of ZetaTalk, we say that most of mankind is unaware of ZetaTalk or even of the Planet X concept, most amateur astronomers included. Rather than battering the doors of the cover-up with demands for an explanation, they are asking about anomalies around the Sun, the type of open discussion that will allow the cover-up to dissolve. Thus, the Council allowed Venus to be pushed where it was reluctant to go, and make an appearance, and to return, a small matter in the scheme of things.