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Wild Fluctuation
June 18, 2003

On June 18 the Siberian Ils, which lie where the bow of the Atlantic Rift emerges as a addition Magnetic North Pole, were bobbling violently. The presence of Planet X, coming every closer. The HAARP Fluxgate Magnetometer has stations at 5 points around the Magnetic North Pole.

Compare a HAARP summary taken a year ago to the current, June 18 summary. Note in the readings from Individual Stations for those dates that where formerly all had similar readings North, East, and Down (West or South), the June 18 readings show a conflict in the readings for flux pointing West! Stations virtually next to each other are often in opposition. There is not only a new magnet, Planet X, in town, there is a new magnet, the Atlantic Rift, on Earth, creating this confusion. On July 12 the magnetometers again were Surging and stations virtually next to each other often in opposition as the intense grip of the Atlantic Rift was increasing prepartory to rotation stoppage. On July 29 a Coverup emerged, where the monitors were turned off for a time, in step with under-reporting of earthquakes. Fluctuations were noted: