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Homeland Defense?
Activity June 7-11

[Note: the US Military is busy shuttling out of Florida to the north, roaring over NM and OKC, and recently F16 fighters assigned to Homeland Security have arrived in Devnver. Has a threat requiring the military to vacate low lands and coastlines and move inland been announced to the public?]
I live just about 2 miles from the main airport here on the West Coast of Florida. In the last several weeks I have noticed a number military or coast quard helicopters flying in and out of the area. The helicopters are usually coming from the north somewhere to the airport and then a few minutes later I see them head North again. I thought this to be a bit different myself but never gave it any serious thought until you just mentioned it from your area. It could be that something is brewing...
I live near an airport, Dane County Regional in Madison, WI, although its not exactly small. Black helicopter and fighter jet activity has remained about the same.
I live 30 miles from Muskogee municipal airport and Davis airport. Oklahoma city is about 150 miles west from here. For the last month I have noticed jets going over early in the morning. I even went out to look and never saw it, which was wierd because it sounded like it was fairly low. Also, I saw 5 military helicopters heading towards OK city just 3 days ago, Tinker Airforce base, I would assume. It´s just that we don´t normally see that much air traffic in this area. So yeah, I´m suspicious. I noticed alot of air traffic at night, maybe 2 or 3 planes running together. I’ve lived arround this area for about 28 yrs and just lately we are having an awful lot of air traffic, not to mention the chemtrail jets. Your guess is as good as mine as to what is actually going on, but something is going down.
Lazy Lurker
I live near Holloman AFB in NM (near Las Cruces. Been here for over 12 months peaceful, quiet, in the mountains. Occasionally during the day I see USAF Stealth fighters (could be Germans as the Luftwaffe in the USA is based at Holloman AFB and the Germans have basically invaded the city of Alamogordo. Last night from 1:30 AM MT until 4:00 AM every 10-20 minutes jets (sound like military jets) flying all in the same direction. loud and fast. Don´t know what to make of it, but never had night flights from Holloman in 12 months. Usually training missions during the day. Saw Stealth, F-16´s and similar fighter aircraft and got to recognize the sound well.
I have been checking to see the airport traffic the past few days here in Florida. The helicopters have been heading south to the airport and then about 10 or 15 minutes later they are heading North again possibly to a larger airport nearby. This has been going on at least 5 times in the past 3 hours. There has never been such activity in this area ever and I have lived here now for 17 years. This airport is usually very quiet after the season is over here which is right after Easter. So very strange that this is occuring so frequently at this time. The helicopter activity started last night. We have the St. Pete and Tampa Int´l flight paths over us, as well as McDill.
Anonymous and Mermaid
I live in the midwest for about a week now, there has been a tremendous amount of military vehicle traffic in and around St. Louis. Fort Leonard Wood and Whiteman Air force base are in Missouri snd Scott Air Force base is relatively close by. I have not ever seen this much military around. And nothing on the news.
I thought you would find this story interesting. A squadron of F-16 fighters moved [Jun11] to Denver International Aiport. ‘The 15 fighters are stationed away from home temporarily while their runway system is revamped. A number of the F-16s stand on constant alert as part of Operation Noble Eagle for homeland defense.’
Saw another military convoy in and around St. Louis around 9 PM [Jun17]. A friend of mine and I decided to follow it. The convoy comprised about 20 trucks painted in camoflauge green and they met up with another larger group of trucks approximately 50 miles due south of St. Louis. They drove to a very remote area south and west of Frederick town off of Hwy C. At approximately 11:30 PM. The trucks all turned into a very crude driveway on the back side of the Mark Twain Forest. The area was not marked with any type of military signs. My friend and I parked and walked into the drive on foot. For approximately 1000 feet there was a very crude grown over tractor path. After that was brand new black top road that appeared to go on for miles. Feeling a bit uneasy about this we did not go any further. Approximately 75 military vehicles dissappeared down this remote road in a very hilly, dense forested area of Missouri at almost Midnight. If we did not see where they turned we would have never known about this secret road.