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ZetaTalk: Extended Families
Note: written Jun 15, 1997

Contactees participating in the hybrid program by contributing genetic material are introduced to their offspring on occasion for a number of reasons. Primarily this is because they both wish to meet each other, a simultaneous desire. As humans cannot be contacted by aliens unless the human gives The Call, and as The Call dictates the nature of the visit, a desire on the part of the contactee to meet his or her offspring must be present for any introduction between the parent and child to occur. Likewise, we do not force a hybrid to meet the eager parents if they decline the invitation for whatever reason. Most do decline, and thus the rarity of introductions.

Hybrids are for the most part entities who have been living in 4th Density for some time, and are volunteering for difficult duty due to their sense of purpose and desire to give Service-to-Others. They are focusing on the future, on a situation where numerous human souls who have known nothing but life on Earth will be reincarnating into hybrid bodies. This will be an adjustment, though not a wrenching affair, for these new arrivals into 4th Density Service-to-Other existence. Like all major adjustments, this one is expected to meet resistance. Human souls, who may dominate the future hybrid group by their numbers, will be pressing for a return to old and familiar ways. Rather than integrate into an existing 4th Density community, the force of numbers may incline the 4th Density community to integrate into a memory of what human society was like.

Thus, the target community is kept firmly in mind, and interaction with humans contained at the point where human culture and history is studied, but does not become such a loud voice that it drowns out the normal song sung by 4th Density Service-to-Others communities. Human parents become emotional when encountering offspring, and this is to be expected. This emotion can be impelling, and sway the resolve and focus of the entity incarnated into the hybrid body. If the entity incarnating into the hybrid body judges themselves to be subject to influence, they may and most often do decline a request for an introduction from their human parents.

What this means for the future interaction between hybrids and their parents is that little, if any interaction can be expected. The parent-child relationship is in the hearts and minds of both parent and child, but this fact does not predominate in importance over the target goal of helping large numbers of human souls adjust to 4th Density Service-to-Other existence during the time of crisis following the coming pole shift. Slightly more than 25% of the human population on Earth are fully Service-to-Other, and as with the rest of the human crowd, most will die in the 90% death rate anticipated due to pole shift trauma or Aftertime disease, starvation, and exposure. The human parents are holding out their arms, but their hybrid children are looking to their future welfare when they decline interaction.

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