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ZetaTalk: Disinformation
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Regarding our interactions with abductees involved in the hybrid program. Some confusion results from mixing our actions with others. You are familiar with the term disinformation. The Service-to-Others Zetas have been the brunt of a disinformation campaign by Service-to-Self Zetas, who are few in number compared to ourselves, other Service-to-Self aliens, and various humans with various agendas. This disinformation takes the form of pretending to be conducting a hybrid program, where hybrid infants are indeed produced and then maimed or killed before one's eyes. Were this an ongoing scam, rather than an intermittent scam, we could not talk about it due to the Rules of Disengagement.

Another form of disinformation is rape. We do not rape your women in order to allow them to carry a tiny fetus for the first few precious weeks. We have observed sexual interaction between humans, to learn the range and varieties of responses. This has been done resulting from an offer, in all cases.

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