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ZetaTalk: Why Hybrids
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The Earth is about to become a home for entities in the next stage of spiritual development, or density. Those entities currently in human form who have made their choice for Service-to-Self will eventually leave the Earth, and those who have made their choice for Service-to-Others will remain. Those entities who have not yet chosen will be transported elsewhere when their current incarnation ends, to continue their deliberation. The earth is to become a home for incarnations in the Service-to-Other orientation. If you wish, you may relate this time to the heaven on earth foretold, or the thousand years of peace. This time will neither be a heaven or for a thousand years, however.

And why have we chosen the Earth? Are there not many planets that are habitable and do not already have intelligent species resident? Habitable planets, with vacancies, are not in great abundance, and competition for them is keen. The Earth is due for a Transformation to 4th Density, which is our current density, and humans are genetically similar to Zetans, so hybrids merging the characteristics of both Zetas and humans can give entities with a background in either species a familiar home.

Our hybrid program is to create a new form of human which has greater mental capacity, including capacity for telepathic communication. The human form is being phased out because it is not appropriate for 4th Density Service-to-Others, which requires a mental capacity greater than that you currently enjoy. Those who will be continuing to incarnate on Earth are desirous of this new form. They are being polled continuously, and voting willingly. As the genetic engineers, we are responsible for ensuring that the specifications for a 4th Density incarnation experience in the Service-to-Other orientation are met. We would not, for instance, bring forward violent tendencies, where blinding rage can overtake one on a moments notice, even if the humans voting were to indicate a desire for this. Likewise, a higher intellect is a specification, and even if humans voting were to indicate otherwise, this human vote would be negated by the overriding specification.

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