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ZetaTalk: Who's In Charge
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Some humans feel they should be in charge of their own genetic engineering, or in charge of the question as to whether genetic engineering is even necessary. This is not reasonable, although those being denied this authority may fuss and argue. These issues were decided after much deliberation. This is not a matter done casually, nor is this a one-time matter. This has been done repeatedly to Homo Sapiens, who are only able to complain, having a voice and mind, because of just such a process in the past.

Do you let your child determine whether or not they should attend school? Do you allow them to determine what constitutes a school? What about meals. Anything at all that they chose to eat, that's the meal? What about vitamins, brushing of teeth, bedtime and necessary hours of sleep? See the point? Humans think of themselves as the adults, and in these matters of species improvement, as adults speaking to adults. This is nowhere near the reality. Where we refer to humans as children in our analogy, this is to point to the capacity to understand. When you, as parents or caretakers, place vegetables before the child and are met with squawking, this is not because the child wishes to be willful or contentious. They simply do not understand nutrition. They feel healthy at the moment, albeit because their parents and caretakers have been feeding them vegetables and the like, and don't understand the reasons given. What does concern over being healthy mean to one who has not been unhealthy. How can something that tastes good, such as candy, be bad for one, even if eaten continuously.

Of course we poll humans to learn what they desire to continue, what characteristics they appreciate. Those humans who will be reincarnating into the hybrid form, the Service-to-Others humans who have chosen their orientation, are being polled continuously as to their preferences. They are not voting on the steps to be taken in order to genetically engineer. You may give the plastic surgeon your desires on the shape of the nose, but you do not hold the knife. If the characteristics humans desire is in conflict with the overall genetic engineering goals, they are overridden. This conflict, however, is raised to the Council of Worlds, and is not one which we, the genetic engineers alone, decide.

Zetan genetics are being used as the intelligence of humans cannot be more than doubled using human genetic structure. The best that could be accomplished is a human at the genius level, and what we seek, what we are required to attain, is so very much higher. Telepathy, something your species can barely support, is another issue. Genetic engineering does not make something from nothing. It alters what already exists or inserts something already in existence. A third important issue is the level of violence in your human species. Blinding rage is firmly rooted in your genetic heritage. To carve this out would leave too little remaining. This must be counteracted where it is found, in all the reaches of the brain, rather than simply rooted out. The Zetan genetics are the counteractant.

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