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ZetaTalk: Stepping Up the Pace
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

After the cataclysms the majority of the Service-to-Others humans due to remain on Earth will require new housing, so to speak, and our task has been to provide sufficient infant hybrids at that point in time. We are rushing at this time to meet that goal. Therefore, the number of hybrids are numerous.

How are we stepping up our hybrid program? Is everyone having sex all the time, and popping babies out yearly? Are we using genetic engineering techniques, such as in-vitro production, where our genetic sampling is sufficient to go into mass-production? Neither is the case. The hybrid program has yet to be allowed to go into automatic, where we can let nature take its course. We are still braiding the genetic thread, correcting flaws with insertion of missing DNA, and working around the clock on these issues. Because of the large heads, due to increased intelligence, and smaller hip size, due to our Zeta Reticulan contribution, infants are not carried to term by the mother. This is not, technically speaking, necessary. Infants within the mother are close to her heart, but infants developed outside the mother can be sent our love too. We expect to use a mixture of techniques, as we do today.

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