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ZetaTalk: Where They Live
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Our hybrids are not resident on Earth, and this is for various reasons. For one, they are numerous. The numbers reflect our need to meet a point in time when many entities, which you call souls, will need an opportunity to incarnate. We are gearing up for this time, increasing the number of hybrids, and the quality of the hybrid as a physical container of the soul, so that the number of infant hybrids available will match the number required when then time comes.

Our hybrids live in pleasant surroundings, and want for naught. We, the Service-to-Others Zetas, attend them with all our means. Life is not grim. Each hybrid understands the mission, and engages in it with joy. Each hybrid has incarnated by choice, choosing this mission. It is like a long journey with many trials, but undertaken with a group of friends well liked. There is, in fact, a sense of adventure. The physical location of these enclaves of hybrids is not far from your Earth. We are right next door, within your Solar System. We have taken up residence where the gravitational field approximates that of Earth, living in 4th Density on the surface of Mars. As such, we are not visible to you in your current 3rd Density state.

Note: below added during the Jan 7, 2003 LIve ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Our hybrids are living in many places within your solar system, close at hand, as well as elsewhere nearby in other star systems. They are souls who have graduated to 4th Density spiritual existence, and as such as allowed to live in 4th Density physical existence, a preferred mode over the heaviness of 3rd Density physical existence. We are allowed to move freely on and off the planet, no longer restricted by our agreement the old MJ12, now defunct, to report to them when such movement on or off the face of the Earth occurred. As 4th Density can co-exist with 3rd Density, there is no issue whatsoever! Clearly, as our hybrids as well as ourselves expect to be in 4th Density on the future Earth, we do not want our bodies to become accustomed to a lesser gravity. And as no part of the Earth is in 4th Density at present, we are primarily in residence outside of the solar system, in another nearby star system, where a commensurate planet in 4th Density is available to us. Relocating to Earth is a simple matter, involving:

  1. setting up residences which have already been constructed and can be relocated, intact, and quickly so;
  2. selecting a spot on Earth which is previously uninhabited, such as the newly warming Antarctica, or new land emerging from the seas;
  3. establishing a gravity field under the residences or city, such that we do not lose our adaptation while resident on Earth.

Since travel is quick, most will remain off the surface of Earth until closer to the physical transformation to 4th Density. But as some ambassadors will be perpetually busy interacting with humans, some will assume their new residences shortly after the shift, within days, and remain. Those humans who come to live with hybrid communities, to the extent that they are fully integrated and not having daily tentacles out into the human society around them, will be living in 4th Density with the hybrids and ourselves and our brethren in the Service-to-Other orientation. They would not be invited to live with us, or transported, unless firmly in the Service-to-Other orientation, so this is appropriate, an early graduation of sorts. If these humans are daily interacting with the neighborhood, such that density switching is not convenient, then we expect that the hybrids or ourselves or our brethren assisting and living with these humans would share the heavy life in 3rd Density, a minor sacrifice to assisting the Transformation, in our view.

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