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ZetaTalk: Hostile Humans
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The hybrids do not need the hostility they would receive here on Earth at this time. Most on Earth, or at least many, are possessive. They are emphatic that Earth belongs to Homo Sapiens, and usurpers should leave. It matters not that they were at one time the usurpers. The hybrids are possessed of Service-to- Others souls, who are sensitive to the needs of others. Such raw demands would upset and confuse them. They remain away, where they can be in the company of others of their kind, and treated fairly. Trial enough, that they are living in physical containers that are not finely tuned at present. There are glitches in the container. Some bio-engineering problems exist. Some of our infants die young, and others live with deformities. These issues are dealt with by intense love of one another, a joint goal of developing the physical container to become a joyous experience, and a feeling of camaraderie and team work. Big problems, much joy and accomplishment. Very lively times!

Note: below added during the August 17, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

The decision to phase out humans, as hard as it may be for those affected to comprehend, are not without input from those affected. Neanderthal man was in agreement with having his version of mankind die out, afflicted as they were with tummy problems not pleasant to live with. A Vote was taken, and they were in agreement. Votes that are a true vote are not akin to the voting that occurs on Earth, publicly announced. In these votes, there is hardly a choice, the choices placed before the voters not what they would put there, but what the elite have allowed to be placed there. In addition, actual counts, as the last US Presidential election demonstrated, are hardly what matters or to be reported accurately. Why would Service-to-Other souls, who are the majority of reincarnating terran souls, not want their children, or themselves for that matter, to be more intelligent, less subject to disease, and have more opportunities? Clearly, the vote went to be engineered, for future incarnations. It was a slam-dunk, as you say.

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