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ZetaTalk: Basic Similarities
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Humans and Zetas are alike in that we are both humanoid, having arms, legs, digits, hearts, lungs, brains, eyes, ears, mouths. We breath, we feel pain, we have remorse, we feel joy, we enjoy kinship, we enjoy accomplishment, we feel frustration. In the past the Zeta had offspring in the same sex-to- birth manner of humans, but now we either clone our offspring or create a blend of genes in the test tube. Our genetics are no longer as rich as Homo Sapiens genetics. However, the upgrading of the human race will provide a hominoid with our intelligence and telepathic abilities as well as the genetic adaptation that humans have to the Planet Earth.

In the past we consumed food in much the same manner as humans. However, our diet was vegetarian. During the time period when we lost our genetic richness, we also pared away our ability to eat. Some rudimentary organs for sex and eating remain. We refresh ourselves by submerging into a nutrient rich bath of clear gel. The nutrients are created, as you might say, in the laboratory. They are simply chemicals, developed from chemicals found anywhere in the Universe.

Our life span is much longer than humans. However, the life span of the hybrid race we are genetically engineering will be as long as the Zetas currently enjoy. In your Earth years, this is 400 years. We experience debility for only the last 50 years of this span. In our culture we also do not rule against suicide. Therefore, if any Zeta finds his life circumstances unbearable, he can end his life in a painless manner without strife.

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