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TOPIC: Bow Hunting

Traditional bows have been used in hunting around the world and throughout history. A glossary of Terms helps. Bow construction requires Materials, where Wood Grain and Wood Type as Bow Back considerations matter, as do Dimensions. The Flatbow and Longbow or English Longbow both use Tillering, a Tiller Stick, Nocks, Straightening, and Recurving. A Quickie Bow can also be used in a pinch. The Crossbow requires Assembling and a Release mechanism. The Amtguard crossbow is inexpensive, and durable Non-Wood types exist. The Compound Bow can be made from Wood or Composite materials, with a Steel Arm or using a Steel Pipe. Bowstrings can be Spun or be made from Rawhide or Cord with Many Ply for Strength, or can use a Felmish Twist with 2 or 3 Ply, or an Endless String with Serving wrap technique. A Heat Shrink extends the life of strings. Arrows have Components such as Arrowheads and their Construction involves Blade Design and securing the Broadhead.