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ZetaTalk: Next Incarnation
Note: written Feb 15, 2002

Critique of the incarnation, judging the success or failure of the incarnation, is not always what the entity might desire. The entity might feel they, themselves, have made progress where the spirit guides have another opinion entirely. Progress on lessons to be learned can be confused by cross currents, where the life circumstances offered opportunities such that unplanned lessons were addressed, and those planned got neglected. The immature entity may view the incarnation a failure, in this regard, and be surprised to find the record being looked at from unexpected angles. Most often the entity has made scarce progress, and will find themselves repeating the setting in future lives until progress is made. The stage where future action is determined marks the point where the past life is settled and the future is beginning. This point is not reached as long as issues from the first two stages are outstanding. It is at this stage that the lessons at the fore of the next incarnation are clear. The immature entity may not be in agreement, and thus this stage can be drawn out, as the incarnation would be wasted if the focus were not clear.

Where humans are unaware of their past lives, and per the Rule of Forgetfulness are supposed to start the incarnation with a clean slate, in fact the immature entity needs to be clear on how their progress is viewed by others. They may not agree, but they must understand. At this point the next incarnation is planned and plotted by the spirit guides, who give scant consideration to what the immature entity might be clamoring for. The spirit is often mulling the past life over prior to the moment of death, and planning the next incarnation. Thus, there is a normal progression to discussion with the Spirit Guides, who are in teamship with the Birthing Guides, and the next incarnation is often arranged quickly. As we have mentioned this is not the choice of the young spirit, but of the guides. Thus, it's a bit like getting of a train at the station, and walking over to our next train! Just like that, on your way again!

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