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ZetaTalk: Earth Switch
Note: written Jul 15, 1995

Just as living beings, such as ourselves and yourselves, can be in different densities, coexisting in the same spot but being unaware of each other, so planets can and do so coexist. 4th Density planets are not as prevalent as planets in the root density, for obvious reasons. Planets are moved to 4th Density only to support life in 4th Density, and most planets do not have any life at all. So what does the Universe then look like, in 4th Density? Sparse. Imagine your Solar System, its Sun always visible and the orbiting planets among the many stars in the sky. In 4th Density there will be a Sun, but its appearance will be different - not as bright, and more pale. Will astronomers have to adjust to a new night sky? Most certainly, as there will be fewer stars and many of the old guides will be gone. However, as this change will take place shortly after the cataclysms, with all its travails and gloomy cloud cover, any telescopes operational will be useless. Even today, astronomers require a clear night. When the scientific community has regrouped, new maps of the sky will be redrawn, with only an occasional scratch of the head as to why the skies, too, have changed.

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