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ZetaTalk: Transformation
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Please understand that the Earth, its waters, its atmosphere, and its fauna and flora are all in 3rd Density today. Only your visitors from other worlds are operating in the density of their origin. During the Transformation, when the composition of the Earth's human population is of a sufficient degree of Service-to-Others, the Earth, along with its water, atmosphere, and fauna and flora and intelligent species, will all move into 4th Density. This movement will be, as they say, transparent to the Earth. Humans will become more mentally aware of others around them, but will not know why. The Earth will not undergo any noticeable changes. The magnetic field, North and South poles, or relationship to the Solar System will not change. Some planets in your Solar System are more 2nd and 3rd Density than 4th, and their character, in relation to the new Earth, will change in that regard. However, this will be minimal.

The Earth will then remain at 4th Density for some time, as this is not a whistle stop, quickly passed. In fact, the opposite is the case. 4th Density is one of the longest densities, much longer than 3rd Density, in fact, because of the many lessons to be learned. We will explain. The single lesson of 3rd Density is positional to other entities, making that determination, the spiritual orientation determination. The 3rd Density entity must decide which orientation they wish to operate in, Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others. Where it might seem to the reader that this issue could be quickly settled, many incarnations are required to come to a final, firm conclusion. The conclusion is not simply intellectual, a choice which could, perhaps, be quickly made. The choice involves all aspects of the entity.

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