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ZetaTalk: Pole Shift Calls
Note: written during the Jan 11, 2003 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Contactees give the Call for many reasons, most often not related to the pending shift or current Earth changes. If the issue of the pole shift does not come up in the context of the Call, it is not discussed. Contactees to ourselves, the Service-to-Other Zetas, are concerned with helping others in their family, their neighborhood, the world at large such as how to decrease pollution. The Call is answered in this context, but if the contactee, for instance, is concerned with pollution increases, the Bush Administration's endless allowance of this in the face of what is presumably Global Warming gone wild, the shift comes up. Why would it not? The real reason for the Bush Administration's casual handling of pollution is their knowledge of the shift, and the only way to explain their behavior is to explain what is coming. If the contactee has given the Call because they are in agony over a sick child, their future, the range of options on how they can help this child goes beyond nutrition and medical options, as early death may in any case be the outcome! This is explained to the parents, who are in agony about how to proceed, such that they can determine how to make the child's last days more joyful, a growth experience, a time of love, not pain in the hospital. Thus, there are many opportunities where the shift comes into a discussion even if the base reason for the Call was not related.

However, increasingly, the Call is given by those sensing something very wrong, seeing their neighbors being laid off by an economy gone sour world wide, where the establishment only want to increasingly harbor and shelter the rich, turning their back on the poor and starving. They see Earth changes affecting the local farmers, with no mention of this in the news! They see odd behavior in animals and insects, the weather going so odd as to make the next year utterly unpredictable, yet the news carries anything but these changes as a focus, as though they did not exist. So their question is, being a Service-to-Other Call, how can they help their neighbors, the local farmers, and what to do about the course of society that so many depend upon when it seems to be a ship without a captain? This leads of course to discussion of the shift, as an explanation not only of what has happened but also as an explanation of what to do, in future, to help others. Thus, it is the exception where a Call does not involve discussion of the pending shift, but it is not a routine part of a Call to inform the contactee about the shift. The Call is given by a contactee for his or her reasons, and any agenda the visitors responding to the Call might have is incidental.

For those visitors in the Service-to-Self responding to a Call to them, for selfish reasons, it is unlikely the shift would come up for discussion, as the Service-to-Self like to have the maximum amount of hopelessness and shock occur, as this increases the leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation, thinking about the self rather than others. Deception, the double-cross, anger and a sense of abandonment, are all tools they use to increase their harvest. This is one reason so many in the establishment are so sure there will not be a shift, so sure they were safe digging into bunkers that would become underground tombs, so sure they could get away to Mars, etc. They have been given the wrong message, the wrong information, and are arrogantly sure they are in contact with the most powerful and prestigious aliens, unlike the silly tree hugging Green Movement contactees, or those trying to help children in the slums. Watch the faces of those in the establishment who are arrogantly sure they will come out on top, when they realize they have been lied to! True karma, during their lifetime, for these individuals who were thinking not of those they had sworn to protect, but of themselves!

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