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ZetaTalk: Intuition
Note: written Dec 15, 1995

Humans are accustomed to suspecting their thoughts and conclusions, and learning of the alien presence only adds to this unease. On top of having a subconscious they find they can't deal with directly, and a conscious that is selective in what it will entertain and is prone to modifying memory, they now learn that aliens are slipping in and out of their view. Can one trust one's own perceptions?

In all of this there are several solid anchors, which cross levels of human consciousness and the various densities that incarnated entities can reside in. Where the human conscious is fickle, the subconscious neither forgets or lies, and where ordinarily a human can only tap the subconscious through the veil of consciousness, the voice of the subconscious is never silenced. Some humans call staying in tune with their subconscious intuition, or following their hunches or gut feelings, but all this is just a sense that what is consciously presented may not be all that's going on. In like manner, those who are spiritually aware are keeping their mind and spirit in close touch, constantly updating the human subconscious with what the spirit perceives inter-dimensionally during communications with other entities of whatever density.

Thus intuition can serve as the glue by which a human stays consciously in touch with activities it is not consciously aware of, as lack of faith in one's intuition can leave one open to surprises. For example, a non-intuitive contactee who has given The Call to the Service-to-Self for assistance with a neighborhood confrontation may be surprised to find himself resorting to violence and threats with slight provocation, and even more surprised to find this leaving him feeling alienated and isolated. In the same example an intuitive contactee would have a hunch that he was planning a different course of action, by listening to his subconscious which has registered the visitation, and would likewise anticipate that the power and respect he had hoped to achieve would come at a price, having observed the emotional climate surrounding those who answered his call.

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