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ZetaTalk: Gods of Eden
Note: written Oct 15, 1995

The premise stated in the book, The Gods of Eden, is essentially correct in that it points to the hand of alien entities influencing human history. However, the mechanism has not been correctly presented, as the author, like most humans, gave too much power to alien entities and almost none to the humans in fact at the helm. The process is that humans give The Call, and thus may receive advice and counsel from alien entities, but it is by human hands and human hands alone that human history is affected. The author also stresses almost exclusively the results of humans having called those in the Service-to-Self. Just as many examples could have been given where benefit to mankind in the form of technological assistance or philosophy or insights into problems plaguing mankind came about as a result of The Call to those in the Service-to-Others, but none were listed.

Were aliens called at key times in mankind's history, and did they have an affect? Absolutely, just as they are being called and having an affect today. Where the author traces certain symbols and names of individuals or secret societies, the redundancy of these symbols or names is more often the result of common occurrence, not linkage. The word brotherhood, for instance, is as common a word as the word family, or friendship. The Swastika as a symbol is common because it represents the wheel that primitive cultures used to harness beasts of burden to when creating a primitive torque. This symbol is as common as the circle or fork. Once used, names and symbols pass forward, as languages and verbal history do, from person to person, old to young. Is it a conspiracy that all cultures today use the wheel, comb their hair, brush their teeth, and sleep on beds?

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