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ZetaTalk: Targeted Continent
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

It is no secret that an alien race has desire for the African continent. This is not the only continent in this category. South America is also in the target sights. We cannot address fully the name and nature of the aliens desiring to conquer the continents of Africa and South America, as we are bound by the Rules of Engagement. Nor can we give an answer on time frame, as the time frame is subject to the free will of the humans on the Earth. This is not a settled issue, no more than all the other issues subject to the free will of humans. There is more than one alien race involved. Just as with humans, all entities incarnating in an alien race are not of the same orientation. We, unfortunately, have Zeta Reticulans who are of the Service-to-Self orientation. These are small in number compared to the bulk in the Service-to-Others orientation, but, as you say, one bad apple can spoil the lot, and this is acutely so when the bad apple is one of the initial ambassadors to a planet scheduled for its Awakening. We got bad public relations from such an incident, and strive to recover from this.

We cannot clarify the issue without engaging those in the Service-to-Self. We can, however, give general information on the goals of the Service-to-Self orientation. Domination is high on the list. One can dominate and not be present. The Earth is scheduled to be a home for those of the Service-to-Others orientation, after the Transformation. This transformation period is already in process, and the time frame cannot be answered impeccably. It depends. As this issue of what will happen to the Earth is not a settled issue, Service-to- Self aliens came forward to attempt a coup. They attempted to set in motion occurrences that would benefit them in a large way. War so benefits them. Class or race conflicts so benefit them. This is as much as we can say on this issue.

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