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ZetaTalk: Origin of AIDS
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

AIDS is both a natural and unnatural occurrence. It has occurred naturally within the simian races for centuries. It has outcropped among humans in Africa and the south seas periodically, but due to limited population spread, simply devastated those groups it invaded. Where there is no written record and no survivors, there was no trace. AIDS was unknown to the civilized world, and would not have been discovered were it not for intervention by those of the Service-to-Self orientation.

What should be understood is that nothing can be accomplished, alien to human, unless this is done through humans. The Service-to-Self aliens, as we, the Service-to-Others Zetas, must find humans in sync with their goals and orientation. The Service-to-Self aliens involved in the spread of AIDS had to work through humans. They found these humans within your United States government, in the CIA. The goal, for these humans, was somewhat different than for the aliens. They considered it, shall we say, a win-win situation, benefiting both groups.

It has been assumed that AIDS was initially spread through a vaccination program. This is incorrect. It was spread through diet, by blood improperly cooked. It was spread through the dietary norms of the initial groups infected. Once having taken place, fastening on a group of humans, the infection could be directed. Sexual habits in Africa and the south seas is highly promiscuous. Sexual liaisons can be arranged. Men hungry for sex, a long way from home, are eager and not inclined to question a gift.

There were plans to sculpt the worlds populations with other diseases too. However, AIDS began to sculpt in ways not expected. The rich, the influential, those close to home. Argument erupted in the CIA camps where the wand of death was held. This is essentially, as we understand it, a closed issue at this point in time. It is for this reason that we can relay this information to you. Were this not a closed issue, we would be forced to silence by the Rules of Engagement.

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